Urgent appt given

Hi everyone?

about 2 months ago I noticed my left nipple was turned to the left. Afterwards I felt a hard mass to the left side of the breast. I pushed it to the back of my mind as have very busy job and a family to look after ( including a disabled son) so I was at the back of the list so to speak . I also had a holiday booked that I very much needed . 

Have been to GP today ( and got told off … in a nice way for not going sooner) she also noted the left side of my breast is indented , 

i have been referred to the breast clinic under the 2 week urgent grounds. My appt is 2 weeks today . 

I know I shouldn’t use Dr google but I have, and the lump, indentation and nipple change (also it is quite painful at times) aren’t looking like it’s going to be nothing to worry about . 

Didnt even tell my OH until just before I left for my appt . 

I am usually the sort of person that doesn’t worry until I know there’s something to worry about … however this time I have a feeling it is something to worry about . I am 50 years old and in good health … never been to Drs for years ! 

Hi Janey 


Sorry you’ve got this seemingly endless wait for your appointment - but you don’t yet have a diagnosis so go easy till you do. All Trusts are committed to the two-week response for cancer referrals now but two weeks feels interminable! You will have to reconcile yourself to a lot of waits, for opinions, for tests, for results…


What is VERY important are two things. First, Dr Google is your psychological enemy and will do you major harm. He doesn’t know (or care) about your individual circumstances and generalises, simplifies or is way too complex for the untrained reader. You will make uninformed conclusions and terrify yourself if you consult that source. The only good thing I got was the link to this site! Second, YOU are a priority now. Yes, your family and job will keep you busy, which may actually be a good thing, but you must make time for your own feelings and find good ways to manage them as they will be all over the place. You may well feel you need to minimise how you feel. Try not to. You need an awful lot of tlc right now. Certainly, when you go for your appointment, take your husband or a trusted friend. You may have conversations, tests or biopsies that leave you unsettled at best and driving isn’t a good idea (I speak from experience here :slight_smile: ) and your head may be spinning so you don’t remember what was said - someone with you can make notes for later.


I hope things go well for you. Remember, no Google and you do not sit at the back of that list!