Urgent! Meeting with HR!

I was supposed to have a meeting with HR and my line manager this week, but she’s going abroad for a few weeks and HR have proposed a meeting with them and the next boss up. He is a particularly nasty individual who has made many peoples’ lives miserable. As yet I have had no conversation with him ever and would like to keep it that way.
I’m signed off with Depression and back pain and there is no way I could discuss my mental health with this thing. I’m waiting for the Union rep to phone back to find out if I have to meet them at all at this time (I went off in early November) or if it could wait a few weeks until my line manager comes back.
Does anyone know what you have to do re meetings with HR or does it depend on your work’s rules?

Try Acas for help and advice?

Is this your first meeting with HR since your absence? Depending on the size of the Company you should already be in possesion of the Companies sickness policy and their procedure, in this document there should be section about “long term illness” and the steps they take. Hopefully its just a touch base meeting so they can understand what is going on etc. Its possible that they could carry out the meeting at home. Your union rep should hopefully be really supportive and inform you on what will happen, ifs its a formal meeting you are able to talk someone with you be that a colleague, possibly a friend or the union rep. Whatever you do don’t be intimidated by them, if you don’t feel ready to talk about something tell them and I am sure they will understand and reschedule with your line manager.

you should at least be able to clarify what the purpose of the meeting is and what’s to be discussed. do you have an Occ Health department?