Urgent referral and I am so scared I cant stop crying

Hi, I went to the doctor today about a lump on my right breast that I had noticed and was slightly painful, when I first spoke to the doctor and after she had a look she said to take antibiotics for a week and come back if not better, but then not long after I left she rang saying she had put me through for referral and I should be seen in 2 weeks, naturally I am now feeling very worried and confused as to why she changed her mind after I left. 
I suffer with anxiety specifically based around cancer in my day to day life so knowing this lump is there and feeling pain from it I can’t relax or focus on anything, I keep imagining my son calling out ‘mummy’ and me not being there anymore and I am torturing myself, I can’t stop the horrible thoughts and don’t know what to do. Just needed to write this down somewhere and speak to others who are possibly feeling the same 

(Age 26)

Hi sadie,
I know exactly what you are going through, I am 18. I went to docs in Feb/March about a lump in my left breast and was referred for an ultrasound in April. They said it was a 1cm fibroadenoma and gave me a leaflet about it with no need for a follow up. Roughly 3 weeks ago I started getting pain in it, the lump is still there, my nipple has changed and usually stays inverted a bit when the right nipple comes out, and the left breast has a lot more fatty tissue and feels larger than my right boob. I went back to doctors and it is a bit larger than 1cm now and he referred me to the hospital again. I got the letter through the post the other day and it says “urgent breast care”. The appointment is next Wednesday, the 17th. I know it’s really hard to try to focus your mind on other things and your mind thinks crazy thoughts but honestly, the chance of having something wrong (cancer) is minimal. And even if it is they are a lot more advanced now so it can always be treated! Hopefully everything is what we both want to hear.