using fake tan after chemo

using fake tan after chemo

using fake tan after chemo Decided to put this thread on here too coz it is prob more appropriate than ‘undergoing treatment’.

Well the weather’s picking up and I am feeling much better this wk so dug out my shorts. Oh no, milk bottle legs! What can I do?

Going on holiday in 2 wks and don’t want to frighten the natives! Finished fec chemo 5 wks ago. Can I use artificial tan and if so what type?

I have some in from last yr that are like wet wipes. Will I be introducing more chemicals to my system?

Oh yeah, a funny story. We went for a walk last wk end and it was prime sheep tick country. I said this to my other half who just dismissed it, disagreeing. We went to the pub for a beer on the way home and sure enough, there was this sheep tick, well and truly attached to my hand. I have had these before, living in the country it’s no big deal, so waited till we got home to pull it out. 1st job, visit the loo, followed by hand washing and then I went for the tweezers and lo, no sheep tick. Well these little blighters never wash off so I have a theory, I think it was chemoed as I was told it could stay in my system for 3 mths or more.

A bit of a drastic way to get rid of a tick but ther has to be a positive side to BC!


ME TOO Hi Irene

I like you would like to use a fake tan or even those spray tan things you can get in Beauty Parlors (is that what they are called) would be interesting to find out whether this would be OK.Have you found any answers yet to your question. I am also looking a bit pasty and am going away soon.