Lost a little each time I brushed it starting 3/4days after each chemo Most of it came from the crown and I think this was because of my big head and the cap not fitting as well as it should.Initially I made the mistake of washing and brushing it as little as possible.I found I lost more this way as it started to mat and quite a lot came out when I tried to brush it.My hair was very thick to start with and I only had 4 FEC.I still had a good head of hair afterwards.

Josie xx

I used it for x 3 FEC and it worked. I had the one’s that came out of the freezer and using it didn’t add any extra time for me. I would definititely recommend giving it a go, no-one knew I was having chemo. Sadly when I moved onto Taxotere I lost all my hair, eyebrows & eyelashes but I figured that I still lost my hair for only half the amount of time I expected to so the cold cap was worth it.

HI guys

Well I started my 1st FEC chemo on the 8th August and used the cold cap which was the machine type one (it was called the Paxman helmet), the lowest that the temperature went to was -6 and guess what I even had to check to see whether the machine was still running. Had to have a blanket on but other than that it was definitely bearable and if my hair doesn’t fall out will definitely use it each and every time as it was worth a go.

Had a bit of a naff few days as was sick after my chemo, I was told that I wouldn’t need to start taking my anti-sickness pills until the next day but had to have a doctor out at midnight who gave me an anti sickness injection as I couldn’t keep the anti-sickness pills down once I had started being sick. The doctor said that the anti sickness that is given before the start of chemo actually only lasts about 8-12 hours and if I had taken my anti-sickness pills in the afternoon then I would have been o.k. So definitely something that I will remember on my next visit.

Hope you are all o.k. and that those having the cold cap are finding it bearable too. I have two more sessions of FEC and then move onto 3 sessions of Tax so will see what happens. I have a wig but not keen so keeping everything crossed that the cold cap does work.


Hi Scared,

Glad that you have found the cold cap bearable and feel able to continue. Hope it works for you too.

Sorry to hear that you had been told not to take the antisickness tablets until the next day and that you had to get the doctor out at midnight. I was told to use them straight away and found that I only had to use them for about 3 days following each treatment. They were very effective sickness wise but made me so hungry although I was quite picky in what I wanted to eat. I didn’t like the taste of tea or coffee or much red meat during chemo but found ginger biscuits and pineapple chunks very tasty. I must have liked something because I put on 2 stone during treatment and went up two dress sizes! However I did return to my normal size 2 years later!

Never had tax myself but hope you find it manageable and I have heard it is a very effective treatment.

My daughter, who was then 18, gave me some Glamour magazines to read during treatment sessions. Well, I was 51 but they certainly furthered my knowledge and I even had to ask my daughter to explain some of the articles. The chemo nurses learnt a lot too!

Take care.

Wendy x

Thanks for all your comments, they are very useful to me today. I was told by a ‘friend’ today that I needed to go and have my head shaved before my FEC. I am going to hold on and am very encouraged by your experiences. Was feeling a bit tearful this afternoon but you have all cheered me up as usual. Hope I’ll be able to do the same for others on here, best wishes, Jilly