Utterly Exahusted 8 months post chemo!!

Hi All

I finished chemo 8 months ago and rads 5 months ago. Have been on tamoxifen for the past 5 months and have 5 of 18 herceptins left to go. I am just utterly exhausted. I am sleeping really well, eating well, taking multi vits and drinking approx 2 litres fluid per day. I am back to working full time - but I don’t exactly find work particularly tiring. I am trying to rest and relax as much as I can inbetween all the things I do.

Has or are anyone out there experiencing the same level of exhaustion?? I am worried in case its a sign of the big C again - maybe something was missed??? also getting a niggle around my right kidney. All sorts of thoughts are going through my head, as you can imagine!! Will mention this when I go for my herceptin on Wednesday.

Take it easy

Hi Bird
it’s so hard when your body won’t let you do everything you want. I’m 7 months after chemo now and tried to get back into my teacher training course after Easter but just didn’t have enough energy or concentration. I’m going to try again in September. It’s a good job it’s with OU - they’ve been very flexible. Like you, I’ve been worrying about the cancer coming back. I mentioned it to my GP recently and he said to allow at least a year after the end of treatment before expecting to feel anything approaching normal again. Hard to be patient!
Lilac x

Hi Bird

I went back to work in November 10 months after surgery 6 FEC and 20 Rads. I went back on a phased return 2 days for a month then 3 days. I coped with this really well, then went back full time.

I am now a year and 4 months after surgey and I still get bouts of fatigue every so often. I have learned I have to take it easy during these times or the tirdness just takes over. Like you spoke to my GP who said it can take the body a long time to get back to normal after all the trauma it,s been through.

Just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

Love Anne xx

I know I’ve only just finished chemo, relatively speaking, but it’s not physical side-effects that are preventing me from leaping back into work, I have just lost all motivation to get on and live life properly again.

I have read (can’t remember where - on here possibly!) that dealing with cancer can leave you with something akin to post-traumatic stress, which isn’t all that surprising when you think about it. And PTS can have different symptoms for different people. I think I might take a look at possible ways to deal with PTS and see if I can tailor those suggestions to my own pile of chaos that I wander through every day.

I’m now four months post chemo and two months post 5 weeks or rads and I am absolutely kn*****ed! I felt I had more go after chemo than I do now! What’s really annoying is everyone seems ton think that once you’ve finished treatment you miraculously feel better and someone even said to me (HR colleague), that my main focus must be getting back to work and feeling normal!! I can just about get out of bed in the morning! My GP said that what we’ve been through is akin to post traumatic stress so if you find anything out CM I’d be interested. Like you injust cannot muster the enthusiasm to consider going back to the stresses of work. It just doesn’t seem a priority at the moment though half pay is a sobering position to be in! Xx

I am now over 3 years post dx and over 2 years from treatment. I worked through chemo and rads (not recommended) and found it really hard. Hit a brick wall at lunchtime and just had to go home. Struggled on until I realised that I just couldn’t do the job anymore. Just couldn’t concentrate. I was really lucky as I was offered early retirement but couldn’t imagine having to carry on.

But after 12 months I was feeling as though I could go back to work and really missed it. But it did take 12 months from the of of treatment.

Now, yes I do miss work, and have looked at some temporary appointments, but it would interfere with my holidays too much.

I am under no illusions though. I couldn’t do my old job anymore.

Take care