Vaginal Bloody Discharge - a bit worried - On Tamoxifen

Hey guys, hope you are all as well as can be.

I need a bit of advice really.

I finished rads three months ago after 6 cycles of FEC chemotherapy.

To cut a long story short, I am 28. I continued to have very very light periods throughout chemo although they stopped at number 5 chemo. I then had a massive period 5 weeks after last chemo. I was due another and then started taking Tamoxifen. The periods then stopped and I haven’t had one for 3 months now, not even the slightest hint of one.

The last three days I have been bleeding very slightly down below. Kind of like the start of a period.

Has anyone else experienced this ? Do periods usually stop through Tamoxifen ?

I have made an appointment with oncology but its not for another 3 weeks.
I’m begining to worry it maybe have spread to my ovaries or uterine.
I have also had pain in my collar bone and am worried about that too.

I would be greatful for any advice.


Mandy xxx

Hi Mandy
Try not to worry as i had something like this as well. My periods completely stopped once i started chemo and then once i finished and started tamoxfen i had very slight periods almost like light spotting, I have now had my ovaries removed. You have done the right thing in making an appt with oncology. I think that the 2 week rule is a good one to follow in that if you have something that you are worried about, and it is still bothering you after 2 weeks, then go and see about it. I know that it is hard not to worry but i don’t think that you have to worry about the cancer spreading to your ovaries and uterus as i don’t think that it is very common but i would ask for a bone scan at your next appt if you are still have pain in your collar bone.
take care and hope that i have helped a little

Hello Mandy,

I have been on tamoxifen since March. I didn’t have chemo but had rads. I had a mirena coil which had more or less stopped me having periods (age 45) but the onc wanted me to have it removed which I did about the same time as starting tamoxifen. In April and after a month of tamoxifen, my periods came back with a vengence! Thay are very heavy and very regular (4 weeks) and a little bit painful. My onc said not to worry as some women on tamoxifen find they stop them, some have light ones and others carry on as normal. GP didn’t seem concerned either and said go back if they get to be a problem. I am going to mention it again to consultant who I see for 3 month check next week.
On the tablet info sheet it says “periods MAY be interrupted or stop” I take the may as meaning not definately.
I don’t think it would be that the cancer has spread but get it checked out if you are worried. My main concern for me is that with having them still I’ve probably got loads of oetrogen flying around my body!
If you don’t want to wait for your appointment you could ring your breastcare nurse or the helpline on this site.
Anyway take care
Love Shorty xx

Try not to worry. Because I think you could still get light periods, I think, on tamoxifen, but DO mention it because tamoxifen can have an effect on your uterus. Why don’t you phone up your BC nurse and ask if it is needed to have your appointment earlier.
SO the onc. can examine you and put your mind at rest.
The same about the pain in your collarbone.

take care.

My periods stopped during Taxotere chemo last year, and I started tamoxifen in January 07. Since then I’ve had periods in April, May, June and September. As far as I can tell they are normal periods in every way, last about five days etc. No pain or other symptoms. The oncologist knows and isn’t concerned.

I agree that you should mention it to the oncologist anyway because they need to know about these things. Some women are offered injections to stop their periods so that they have less oestrogen in their bodies.