Variety - the spice of life!

Variety - the spice of life!

Variety - the spice of life! I certainly have learnt a lot about various health issues on my journey through cancer, but recently my knowledge moved to a different area.

I had a week of sore throats and a cold. (Does anyone else notice that their coughing seems to go so deep into their chest after BC than before BC?) Anyway, I was over the worst of it when I got a very sharp pain in my heart area when I bent over. I dismissed it until I got a second one in the same evening. That got me worrying and I went to see my doctor.

He reassured me that it was simply muscle pain, but he did check my heart. He then told me he felt I had an extra heartbeat, using the word ‘ectopic’, which I could only remember being associated with pregnancy rather than heart! He told me not to worry, but filled in a form for me to take to the hospital to get a E.C.G…

I went home and surfed the net and was quite reassured that it wasn’t too serious. It’s funny how nothing seems too serious after BC!

As I did not need to make an appointment for the E.C.G., I turned up the next day at the hospital.

. I was very pleased not to have to wait too long. The nurse placed electrodes all over my upper body and on my lower leg and the machine next to the bed printed out the result. The nurse simply said, after looking at the sheets that as far as she could see, my heart seemed fine, even though it had an extra heartbeat; then she told me that the results would be sent to a hospital doctor and then back to my own doctor.

As I wait for further news, I have discovered my thumb has been acting strangely for the last few days. When I bend it, it makes a clicking or popping sound. Curious, I searched the internet and I have found out that it seems to have something called, ‘Trigger finger’.
No, I haven’t been playing around with guns, only a few rakes and hedgetrimmers in the garden. I am prepared to wait and see if it goes back to normal in a few days, if not I shall have to visit my doctor again.

I hope it has nothing to do with using the computer because I would find it hard to stop!

Surfing junkie.

hi pollyanna i know what you mean! ive got pains in my ribs,chest, joints ( i read on you’re profile that you are taking arimidex, i started this in may and have really sore and stiff joints). sometimes i develop a cough for no reason. add to this weepiness, feeling down in the dumps, very emotional, the list goes on.
i went to the doc too but he reassured me it was all just after effects from the op and rads and also arimidex.
keep surfing.
annie x

Thanks Annie Thank you for replying Annie. I think all BC medicines should carry the warning, ‘These tablets can affect your physical and emotional health in many varied ways’.
Take care of yourself.

Latest. I got an appointment for my trigger thumb. He sent me for an x-ray at the local hospital. I went immediately and it did seem strange to go in and get only my thumb done! Now I have to wait 2 or three weeks for the result.
I was also given a prescription for ibuprofen gel. Thank goodness the pharmacist noted that the gel was cheaper to buy so I only paid £3.85.
I have to put the gel on three times a day.
What a little thing to give me so much bother!