Vascular Invasion possible

i know that there are some very well informed ladies on this site, could one of you please explain what this means to me please


Dear Alison

I am no expert but vascular invasion usually means that the tumour involves some blood vessels, usually tiny capillaries. I don’t think this is unusual and it is normally something that can be determined once the tumour has been removed and possibly on biopsy. Lymphovascular invasion usually go together because the lymphatic system and the vascular system are so closely linked. The idea of chemo is to zap any of the tumour cells which may have entered the lymphatic or vascular system.

I hope this makes sense. The BCC nurses might give a better explanation.

Judith x

Hi Judith, thank you for that, i was told by the surgeon i would have to have chemo, but the onc told me i didn’t need chemo, i have to go to a meeting next week as the onc has been writing in my notes that i “declined chemo” which i never did, its only by accident that this has come to light, so i am going to this meeting hopefully with a bit more knowledge, these histology reports take a bit of understanding, again, thank you so much.



I don’t want to scare you, but if there is vascular invasion it means there is more liklihood that the cancer can spread (like if there is spread to the lymph nodes). It means that there are signs that the cancer has started to try to invade the blood vessels. I was told that although it had spread to my lymph nodes, there was no sign of vascular invasion, which was presented to me as a good thing.

its really weird, when my surgeon first got my histology he told me i defo had to have chemo, i was up for this as i want to live as long as poss, as we all do, just makes me wonder why the now retired onc was so against me having chemo, i also have a large family history of cancer that was not all known about at the time, you don’t scare me RoadRunner, the more i can understand this the better my case next week