Vascular invasion

Can anybody help. I have a grade 2,10mm, er+. Her-, stage 1 cancer. I had a lumpectomy 4 weeks ago and then had results as above - oh and nodes clear. My consultant was very happy with my results and good clear margins etc said i would only need radiotherapy and hormone treatment.
Then bombshell - i received a copy of my pathology report today and for the most of it i can not make head nor tail of it but there is one bit that says - " focal carcinoma intimately associated with vascular channels present which is interpreted as vascular invasion " OMG !! does that mean it is in my blood and spread- why did my breast consultant not mention it? How could he think my results were good - I am now terrified - has anybody else had this on their pathology report ?

Mel can you make an appt to speak to your BCN or your surgical team? This sounds so really worrying for you I think for your peace of mind you need this explaining in the context of the rest of the pathology.The good news is that your consultant was pleased so that is great.And you also have clear nodes another great J xx

Mel, I have vascular invasion too, as do several others who use the forum.
I’m having chemotherapy as well as other treatment, but my cancer was grade 3.
I guess as yours is grade 2, you onc must be happy with that, but I’d ask him about it and ask all the whys and wherefores to set your mind at rest.

Thinking of you. Stella xx

Hi Mel,

Yes, I have had this on my pat report BUT my tumour was grade 3.
Please, please contact your Onc or BCN and they will go through the report with you. Even if you phone them now and leave a message for them to contact you in the morning.

The good news is they really don’t give you Chemo unless you REALLY need it, so, as your consultant was happy with your results the vascular invasion could have been very localised. PLUS you have clear nodes - yay!

Thinking of you

Helen x

I had a grade 3 tn with one positive node and vascular invasion which was off the richter scale and I’m still here and still ned over 7yrs later.
Josie x

I am very similar to Josie, except had 2 nodes positive (see my profile), and am still here 7 years later. I suspect the vasc invasion is fairly common, its not so important for prognosis as size tumour, nodes, grade, etc, so they don’t usually mention it.

Thanks for your replies - seen BCN this morning to explain. She didn’t seem too concerned either and concentrated on the " clear margins " and " no lymph node involvement ". She said that there is often vascular invasion around only the tumor itself and if there were any concerns it would have been dicussed at my results. Obviously i will dicuss it again with oncologist - thank u ladies for replying when once again I was in a blind panic.
Lv Melx