Vascular Invasion


I am currently on neo-adjuvant therapy for a 5cm mass, and this will be follwed by am mx in due course. I have had a ct scan whch was clear, but I know I have node involvement of at least 1. I am awaiting the reults of an MRI to see if the mass has shrunk.
No one in my team has mentioned to me about vasular invasion, and I am not sure entirely what it is but have seen it mentioned on the forum ( is it detected in the blood stream?) and does it indicate spread if you have it?
i do not like to ask too many questions of my team and feel they would tell me if I have it. Can someone enlighten me to it’s significance?

Hi Wintersocks,
Vascular invasion is the term used to indicate the tumour has access to the blood supply. Sometimes it has access to the lymphatic system. On examination, my recurrence tumour had extensive lymph and vascular invasion, hence the reason I am on FEC as a precaution to it having spread although my CT and bone scans were clear.
I think I am right in saying they will only be able to tell if your tumour has vascular or lymph invasion once it is removed and analysed. Your MRI and CT scans will most likely have been checked for any signs of spread.
I am sure your team will not worry if you ask them any questions. As someone else put in a thread - Ask for what you want. If you want information, ask them, they are the experts and they are there to treat and help you.
Take care x

I had 7 lymph nodes affected but had no vascular invasion…its not that common with BC and the reading I did indicated that it is not significant either in terms of survival as chemotherapy for instance is systemic and would attack that also.
Its awful all the uncertainty isn´t it?

Hi wintersocks,I had lympho/vascular invasion.I was diagnosed nearly 5 years ago and at that time they couldn’t differentiate between blood and lymph vessel invasion,not sure if thats changed now.But all it means is that tiny,tiny cells have started to invade tiny lymph/blood channels in the breast.The chemo will mop up any stray cells that MIGHT of gone a stray.I had 1 node with cancer in too.Lots of women have lympho/vascular invasion and it doesn’t mean that the cancer has spread :slight_smile: It’s a scary time isn’t it,I remember being terrified when I was told I had lympho/vascular invasion and a node involved but 5 years on and i’m fine (as far as i know lol).
good luck with your treatment and hope the little b—er has shrunk.