Vascular Invasion

Hi all. After hearing about vascular invasion I asked my oncologist if I had any and the answer was yes, she wasn’t concerned and just kept saying that lymph nodes were all clear. I can’t find very much online about this. Does anybody know much about Vascular Invasion and what your Oncologist’s say about it? If I hadn’t had asked I don’t think I would have been told. Thank you xx

If cancer cells are seen in small blood (or lymph) vessels under the microscope, it is called vascular, angiolymphatic, or lymphovascular invasion. When cancer is growing in these vessels, there is an increased risk that it has spread outside the breast.


People with lympho-vascular invasion are more likely to have chemotherapy recommended. This aims to help destroy any cancer cells that may be in the lymphatic system or bloodstream.


D2-40 and CD34 are special tests that the pathologist may use to help identify these types of invasion. These tests are not necessary in every case.


Lymphatic invasion is different from lymph node involvement. The lymph channels and lymph nodes are part of the same system, but they are looked at and reported separately.











cjrd thank you for your reply xx