Vascular invasions = 10yrs!!! Advice please

I have been told today that after my mastectomy 21 Jan they found to spots of vascular invasion!!

Before op they told me that I could look beyound 20 years know they are telling me that I have 40% chance of surviving to 10yrs!

Please I need some positive feedback, I need to get out of this dark place!

Is there anyone with the same dx past 10yrs??

I have grade 3 lobular invasive cancer.
weakly er/pr +
Her 2 +

had 6 x Fec
due to have 6 x Taxotere and 18 x hercepitin to run alongside!

Any Advice PLease


I am sure there are plenty of people who had vascular invasion who are around 10 years later. People who are well 10 years later don’t tend to post on breast cancer support sites so don’t worry if you don’t get many replies!

Statistics are about groups of people and never tell us what will happen to us as individuals. 40% ten year survival simply means that 40 people out of every 100 will still be alive in 10 years…it doesn’t tell you whether you will be one of the 40 or not.

Living with uncertainty is the name of the breast cancer game. You will have scared days and then as you get used to what has happened you will find your own way of living with uncertainty.

best wishes


Hi mel,

my dx was similar although not with my first occurence. I had a second tumour 6 years after that which involved vascular invasion - and that was in 1996 (original dx 1990). I’ve been round the block a few times since then but life is not that bad. I have found as time goes on the more I have of it the more I hope to have if that makes sense.


hi mel

is the 40% prognosis BEFORE you have chemo, herceptin etc. I was told i had 50% chance of cancer recurring within ten years if i did not have chemo, tamoxifen, herceptin and rads. with all the treatment my onc said it would take my chance of surviving ten years to 94%. when i asked him what would happen after the ten years…expecting him to say i may be dead, he said ‘if you get to ten years cancer free which is highly likely given the treatments options available, then it probably won’t come back at all after that, if it is going to reoccur it will be in the first 5 years’. so please don’t worry that you only have ten years left, i’m sure it’s just that their statistics don’t follow people beyond 10 years, esp as many of the drugs are so new. it is horrible living with these fears and statistics don’t help many of us, and many people defy them. good luck with your course of treatment. carrie x

Dear Mel

If you feel it would help, please call our specialist nurses on the helpline for more support and to talk through the results you have been given. The number is 0808 800 6000 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes