Venlafaxine (Efexor) for hot sweats


Does anyone have any experiences of being prescribed this antidepressant for hot sweats?

I’ve just got a prescription from my oncologist but feeling relucatant to take it despite the broken nights sleep.


i am taking venlafaxine for depression on getting my breast cancer back. i am also on femara (letrozole) I still get night sweats but maybe they would be worse without the drug. it certainly helped my depression

Hi Mildred,

Ive taken a very low dose of Efexor for many years to help with endogenous depression but recently after undergoing ovary removal my gynaecologist doubled the dose to 75mg a day as I was getting very frequent severe hot flushes.It has certainly helped with the frequency of the flushes but unfortunately not with the severity.I believe to have any effect on the severity of the flushes you need to take quite a high dosage which I’m not prepared to do.
If you are really suffering with your flushes, they are worth a go ,and at a low dose you wouldnt have the unwanted side effects of the drug,

good luck


I srarted on 75mgs for my depression, but was still very depressed and anxious. I am now on 150mgs and mental state a lot better. however even on this dose i still have night sweats, though I can just about manage them.

i,ve been on this tab for night sweats, which have been terrible,since having ovaries taken out last april, had to take days off work cause i didn,t sleep, now i don,t get them as bad, still sweat but not drippin wet,started them in february and have been told to take them for at least 2yrs


Thanks for your comments. I’ve been taking my low dose for a week now & things seem better. Both severity of flushes & my mood.

Hopefully the low dose will mean no other side effects. Already weigh a ton due to chemo & tamoxifen!


Yes, it is quite well known on the forums that a beneficial side effect of some anti depressants is that they help with the hot flushes, Effexor is one, Pro Banthine is another.

I take Clonidine which is prescribed for high BP and migraines but it certainly helps but of course doesn’t affect my mood; I remain a ranting raging old bat!


hi everyone
i too have been taking anti deppressants for a few years, i now dont think i want to reduce the dose, because ive coped remarkably well with my illness
up until this week., and i have been feeling very rough, which as made me deppressed, but i find it hard for tears to come, am sure that is one of the negative effects of anti deppresssants.
im hoping it doesnt last and just taking one day at a time.
i still have hot flushes, but i think i might not cope with them as well without medication, because i dont seem to have the physical symptoms associated with hot flushes. i take citalapram 20mg, was on efexor, but my doc said they had been withdrawn, but ive noticed a few people still have them, so i think he must have got that wrong.
take care x keep smiling

Hi Everybody,
I have been taking clonidine for 12 months now, it seemed to work at first but now thw flushes have built up again and seem worse. Venlafexine was mentioned to me, not sure whether to try it, it might lift my permanant anxiuos state too!!
I get so fed up of all the sude effects though. I have had a bad stomach since switching to Exemestane from tamoxifen and still piling on the weight.
Mags xx