venting and confused

hi all,

as you may know i went to one stop clinic yesterday for a repeat ultrasound?

everything seemed to be going well, till i saw the doc, he really made me angry gggrrrrh

first he says i had had an abcess, i said no i havent i was in no pain and if it was an abcess the breast would have been hot which it wasnt.

he said well we drew of the pus, i said no cos the lump remained even after the ultra sound was on antibiotics but was told i could come off them as there was no infection from microbiology.

i said i came back for a repeat ultra today, well the rad drew off blood stained fluid nothing else

i said if the lump is fluid how come it still remains after fna

all he said was well its nothing sinister and ignore it.

i came home and felt for the lump and thought great the lump has gone i was delighted

by 10pm last nite the lump was back

why oh why do i keep getting a buildup, esp as he thought it was a blocked milk duct if it was blocked how come it fills up straight away???:

i felt very uncomfortable at the clinic, i felt i wasnt being listened to, the doc gave me the impression, why is she still bothering me.

i was so quiet last night, hubby said whats wrong, i shuged it off, went to bed and though oh hell what will be will be

hubby drew it out of me this am, he said sweetheart if your still worried we will go private

i said we will see it might be that where the needle went in it is swollen
i said i will leave it a weekish and if the lump is still there i will go private.

at no time has any of the liquid been sent to histology to see if there was any ab cells
esp as yesterday it was blood stained fluid???

sorry to vent but i,m sick of this lump and sick of feeling like i,m second class and should not be bothering them.

glad i have all of you here you certainly help

godbless you

Oh Cee Im sorry its back. Dont leave it a week if it’s still there Monday go then. I decided to try and kick the ciggies so got some patches on Tuesday. I now have raised red squares that itch like hell on my legs and I look like a patchwork quilt.

(trying to make you laff girl)

Buckets of love

Danni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

oh dream, ty hon, i said a week just to see if its inflamation so in fairness to the doc i have to give them time to see if it goes

why do u get a rash hon on the patch, i wish you well with the cigs i cant give up yet i have patches but i need my crutch at the mo

ty tyty

it must be an allergic reaction to the glue or something. Didnt happen last time I quit and they are the same make. i was off em for 2 years and started again at Christmas

Im crossing everything for you

Love lots

Danni xxxxxxxxx

Cee, sorry to hear you had such a bad time with the doc. It is sooo important to feel that you are being heard. From what I have read about breast abnormalities recently, if I were you, I too would want to know the answer to the question of there being blood stained fluid, plus why no histology test as you mentioned.

It is so hard to be assertive and collected when you are emotionally vulnerable as a patient in a busy clinic. Much harder when you get the impression you aren’t being listened to. But we have to voice our concerns and insist on being heard, when potentially, there is so much at stake.

If you are worried that there are stones left unturned, that are being overlooked, maybe request copies of all test results and notes, if you don’t already have them. It really does concern me that so many women appear to be having trouble getting their needs met by the NHS. Including ME!

At least we can cheer each other on and give much needed support.

Thinking of you Cee. Don’t hit the cigs too hard eh, lol!


ty humingbird,
i know hon, the fact that they never sent anything to histology is worrying me, plus why after each aspiration does it come bk
who knows!!!

he would not have it that i said i had no abcess, i said surely i would be in pain which i wasnt

anyway will leave it till after the weekend, but i think i will be going private, but i feel we shouldnt have to when we paid our stamps we should get the same service

you wont have too long to wait sweetie, 21st will soon be here i wish you better luck than i had

i dont smoke too many due to my heart condition

bless you all
it really is a great forum


Cee, can you ask for a referral to another bc radiologist and/or surgeon? I had no problem with my surgeon, but a BIG one with my first onc, and saw another one who was great. I had a non palpable 2 cm tumour, with lymph node spread,first dx at a normal 3 yrly mammo at a travelling unit - just so glad I went. Not for one second should you have to consider going privately - this is a life threatening disease, and you are entitled to the very best the NHS can provide - don’t lose track of that. I have a friend who was diagnosed with bc through a nipple leak some 12 yrs ago, had a mastectomy and horrendous recon so she looks like 8 months pregnant as she has a hernia from the recon (although she went privately) and has the same problem back in the other breast and is having mastecomy on the other breast as we speak.

It is your breast, and indeed, your life. Don’t be intimidated by these Doctors who think they are are Gods. They are not - just good people doing the best they can, but sometimes they get it wrong.

Take care,

ceegra, honey!

I’m so sorry you are having such a bad time with the medics. Rant as much as you need to.

I’m also sorry I haven’t been here but I have a good reason. I’ve been out looking for something and here it is; round my shoulders as we speak (type!). ceegra, it’s a YOKE!!! Not one, but TWO BUCKETS!!! WHOOSH! WHOOSH!

Leap in there, girl, and SWIM!!!

Love & Light,
beano x

Hi Ceegra

Just thought i’d add my tuppence worth.

Can you go and talk to your GP and maybe get referred to breast clinic at your hospital?
I definately think you need second opinion here.

I don’t want to frighten you, but I always thought that if they aspirate a cyst and there is blood in the fluid they have to send it off to histology to get it checked as this could be an indication of something else.

This happened to me thou,so don’t worry, they aspirated a cyst I had about 7 years ago and blood stained fluid was sent off to histology but came back ok. I also agree that it could be that you are sore from where the needle went in as I was.

As you said you shouldn’t have to go private for the best treatment, you deserve it on the NHS, try seeing your GP and discussing it with them.

Hope things work out for you and you can get this sorted out quickly.

Take care


hi debs,
this was at the breast clinic hon,

i must say the nurses were lovely, i just found the very matter of fact dismisle of the consultant very off putting,
the lump is still there though less prominent.

i have made my mind up to leave it alone and if it gets any bigger, then i will go bk to my gp and tell her what the consultant was like

it was the way he said in his foriegn tongue oh well you had an abcess i said " no i havent" oh yes he said, " again i said no if it was an abcess i would have been in pain and the area would have been tender and the fluid the first time was sent to microbiology and there was no infection"

that doesnt matter he says it merely means that no inf could grow in the petre dishes for infection

is it me or what surely there has to be infection with an abcess

i thought as the last aspiration showed quite a bit of blood i,m talking 5mls they should have sent it as you say but no.

i,m just so fed up with it all, my gp rang me only fri and said we have your results back from your bloods routine ones and my anemia was getting worse it was down to 10 when the actual norm is 12 ish

i,m just so run down with all of the waiting the worrying, that i have decided to put it in the lords hand and if it grows larger i will go bk to my gp but i will not see that con again

thanks for all your support i love you all and i will remain to offer help and love to those in need, when i get moved i may even try fundrasing for this lovely site

ty all

Hi Ceegra

Try not to get too down about it all, it is so very frustrating when you don’t seem to get answers to all your questions.

I didn’t realise that they had sent off fluid to microbiology first time and that was fine. The second time when there was blood in it, they could have nicked a blood vessel, so as its already been checked then it must be fine, thats probably why they are not sending it to be checked again as its prob not necessary.

Try not to keep touching it as it might now be swollen due to all the messing about its had, but yes if its bigger go to your GP and get referred to a different con, we all deserve to feel that we can trust the treatment we are getting.
I have been very lucky in that way, as I have every trust and confidence in my team of consultants/surgeons/nurses.

I wonder if your GP will sort you out with something for your anemia, or are you already on something for it? as that can make you feel worse.

I’m not ashamed to say that when I got diagnosed with BC just over a month ago now, the very next day I went and got some anti-depressants off my gp as I knew I wouldn’t be able to cope. I was on them over a year ago for a few months as I was going through a bad time with my hormones all over the place, crying at the drop of a hat and my hair was all falling out, (maybe that was when this bu**er was starting to grow in me as it turns out it is ER+), anyway the tablets really helped me and thats why I went straight back on them and I do believe they are helping me to keep calm.

It makes such a difference to talk to everybody on here doesn’t it, everybody understands how you are feeling.

When I went for my results from surgery last week I was asking and telling my consultant all sorts and he said “how do you know these things”, I replied, “off my friends on breast cancer care forum”, he thought it was great that I was so well informed and knew what sort of stuff to expect.

Hope you start feeling better Ceegra, but if you need to rant & rave just come on here and we’ll rant & rave together.

By the way I am 38, don’t know whether I have ever said my age in previous threads.

Lots of love


oh debs, i,m so sry hon that you have bc, but i,m so glad you are getting the support from all including here, you were right to go to your gp for anti depres tabs, we all need help at times and in this instance i agree with you. your only very young, i myself am 54yrs

the micro biology was only for infection it wouldnt test for cancer that needs to go to histology where they check the cells, hence why yours was picked up.

the anemia is ok hon, i,m on iron and have been for 3 yrs but i thought that when i was though the menopause the blood count would go up

i havent had a period in over a yr now

which iws another reason when post menopausle you dont develop cysts well not solid ones.

anyway all will turn out well in the end so i pray.

have you had your surgery debs?? and what are you planing for treatment sweetheart??
i was a qualified nurse prior to my accident.

so i do understand the terminology of things well mostly lol

you keep coming on here hon and let me know how your doing?

love to you

Hello ceegra,

Are you feeling a bit better? I do hope so, hon; I keep throwing in those bucketloads for you. One of the worst things about the waiting is that we think we’ll find out one way or the other but there always seems to be something else to wait for. There doesn’t seem to be any end to it. Does that make sense?

beano x

And hello Debs,

I really wish you didn’t have bc. I really do. But you are handling it so well and you are right to get some anti depressants. I’m glad the forum was able to help you to be informed. Apart from just being able to help each other with the moral support, I think we can help each other to feel more in control, (relatively), than we would have been otherwise.

Look after yourself, hon.

beano x

Hi Ceegra

I had my surgery nearly 2 weeks ago, I had a skin sparing mastectomy with a dorsi back muscle immediate recon and silicone implant and implant in other breast as i’m sooooooo small. Also had total auxillary node clearance.

I am very pleased with the results, there’s still lots of swelling so the recon boob is higher than the other but my surgeon says it will take a few months to drop in its final position. My back is ok apart from fluid build up, I suppose the worst bit was the node clearance but it helps such alot by doing the excercises that they give you.

Anyway, I got my results back on Thurs to say lymph nodes were clear, tumour was 1.3cm grade 2.
I know I need to have Tamoxifen as its ER+ but surgeon/consultants seem to think I wont need chemo. This seems to be bothering me slightly as most people seem to have chemo as an extra precaution. Also I haven’t had any mri scan, ct scan, or anything, so its really weird, I should be really happy that there’s no sign its spread and they have removed it all in surgery, but it could have spread by other means and I’m finding it a bit difficult thinking can I really be this lucky, just to have surgery and its gone.

Anyway, I will be seeing an oncologist in a couple of weeks, I will certainly have alot of questions for him to answer.

Thats the only negative thing about this site, I find myself looking at the secondary cancer and statistics and stuff and sometimes I come off here feeling quite down. My husband thinks I should stop coming on here now, but I still like to read about everybody and if I can give any advice to anybody that would really please me as I’ve had such alot from here.

Hopefully Ceegra your lump will be harmless as many are, fingers crossed for you.

Thanks Beano for your comments, Its so lovely to hear from ladies like yourself who have had the all clear, it does give the ladies who are still waiting hope as its not always bad news thankfully.

Love to all


hi deb,
i,m so pleased your onc has everything under control and that you had no spread, you most prob did not have invasive sweetie, or they would do the scans not sure bout the chemo, i thought you needed both like you said,

but if you dont thats wonderful, have you put these questions on the forum mate

i,m sure you would see a responce xx

as for this forum it keeps me sane, i think my god i,m so lucky to have a cear bill or hopefully lol

i feel it is a great way of support and to help others who are terribly afraid

all inputs are welcomed

beano your my earth angel and i feel very loved, your always there to offer such warmth to all of us, i love you gf

you keep those bucket fuls coming i took a couple out last nite

tho today i think oh well whatever will be will be

but without questions there would be no problems

so everyone helps

godbless you both

Just persist and insist! You have every right! I know how doctors can make you feel undermined- but would he be put off if the boot was on the other foot?

Wouldn’t it be interesting if docs weren’t able to qualify until their “bedside manner” was given as much importance as their medical knowledge!

beano x

ceegra, I’m really touched by what you’ve said. It doesn’t feel as though I’m DOING much so i’ts amazing to know it makes a difference! Thank you. And, of course, you have been a great source of support to everyone here so it’s only right that you should feel loved!

Take care.

beano x

By the way, I’m going away for a week on Saturday, so I won’t be around until 26th August. My Mum, youngest son, OH and I are going to Whitley Bay for a break.


Hope your felling better today sweet, my boobs have gone haywire this weekend, if you want to know more I’ll update the “here we go now” thread I started, I shall not bore you with the dtls here.

I thinks its terrible how this con left you feeling, I somethimes think we know best, we know our bodies and know when something is not right. I would ask for a 2nd opinion if it were me hun, I really would.

Lots of love coming your way chick!!

Heidi x x x x