vertical nail splits

I finished neo adjuvant chemotherapy last December (3xFEC and 3xDocetaxel) and am on 11th herceptin and am on letrozole.  My fingernails came off half way down the nail bed, which was startling but not a problem.  They grew back but are now getting vertical splits.  The edges catch on clothes etc, which can be very painful.  I keep my nails short, as I lead an outdoors life with animals and gardening.  The only solution I have found so far is to tape surgical tape over the worst ones to stop them catching.  Does anyone have any other ideas?

No solutions but fully sympathise.  My ‘vertical’ splits are on toe nails, so feel very embarrassed about wearing open toed shoes.  I am sure you are taking your calcium tablets every day with the Letrasole, I find that this helps my hand nails, but those feeeeet!  Ughh.  I always wear plastic gloves when I wash up now, as I fear the same will happen to my nails and gardening gloves for gardening.  Surgical tape eh?  Will try that on feet!  thanks for the tip