Very sad news of Lorraine24

It was with great shock and sadness that I learnt this afternoon that Lorraine had passed away in July. Lorraine was 33 and left a husband and four daughters, 8 year old triplets and a 10 year old.

I met Lorraine on these forums and we started emailing each other when we were first diagnosed early in 2005,our treatment and chemo’s were on the same day and she helped me get through it all knowing someone else with young children was going through the same thing, we shared our thoughts and fears and our love for our children and families. After our treatment finished we didnt correspond for a while, both moving on with our lives, until I saw a post on the secondary forum from her early this year, again we emailed and she had just started chemo and radio for secondary bc in April this year, I cant believe she is now gone.



I didn’t know Lorraine, but I can understand how you feel. Sending you a huge hug


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I did not know Lorraine but my thoughts and prayers are for her partner and children.
Another life taken by this cruel disease.
I wonder if they could be helped by Winstons Wishes Trust which i know has helped alot of young children who lose their mum.
Thinking of you too Jo, its so upsetting when someone who is a good friend and has been on this journey loses their fight for life.


I’m so sorry to hear that. That is such sad news. My thoughts are with her family too. Hope you are doing ok Jo.

All my love,
Teacup xx

Dear Jo

Very sorry to hear that news, I didn’t know of Lorraine but I know you must feel wretched. I was 8 when I lost my Mum to BC so am also thinking of the family she left behind.

Also sending you a hug.


Hey Jo, I was diagnosed March 2005 and Lorraine was one of the first people to private message me after I first posted on Breast Cancer Care site. We found it amusing we were both called Lorraine and she was only 2 days older than me. She was very supportive and understood what i was going through as I had a young son and she could relate having her girls. We kept in regular touch and I remember her emailing around March of this year to say the cancer had returned. I sent a few more emails but never heard anything until I picked up a copy of Take A Break magazine last month and Lorraines husband Paul had his story in how she had passed away. Some of the photos used in Take a Break were ones which Lorraine had sent to me of her and the girls, so very very sad, 4 little girls and a bereft husband left.

So sorry to hear this sad news Jo. As I’ve been a regular on these forums so long yes I do remember Lorraine 24. I kindof know how sad you must feel…I remember how I felt about three years ago when my first cyber friend died. I still think of her often and the help she gave me when we were both going through taxtotere (a much less used drug then than now.)

best wishes


So sorry to hear this news.
My thoughts and prayers are with Lorraines family and friends.


Really sorry to hear this news though I didn’t know of Lorraine.

Thinking of you, Jo, as well as Lorraine’s husband and children. A big cyber hug.

Best wishes