Very scared and emotional! Normal?

Hi there I posted earlier. I had my first appointment at breast clinic yesterday, ended up having 3 biopsies as there are two masses they are not sure about. The lump they didn’t seem to worried about!

Is it normal to be emotional? My partner popped into shop earlier and I tried so hard not to cry! I held it back! But feel I just want to cry! Sore today. I’ve got an appointment for next Wednesday at 4pm for results. To say I’m Sh-ing myself is an understatement!

I just don’t understand why I feel so emotional this afternoon xx

It’s quite normal to feel as you do, Sjc, so don’t worry about that, let it out if you need to.

The anxiety & uncertainty in waiting for results is hard to manage & we’ve all been there at some point.

It is good they are getting to the bottom of what it is & even if a biopsy is needed, it still doesn’t mean it will turn out to be bc, but they are rightly, being thorough. 

Even IF it is bc, then thankfully it would have been picked up so that you will have treatment to get it dealt with. Treatment is excellent now & has some of the best outcomes out there, with most of us coming through it & getting on with life.

There is loads of support here, so do come & chat whenever you need to.

As we commonly say here, there is no magic wand in dealing with the wait, but carrying on as normal, distracting yourself & most of all, Not googling your symptoms does help. If you need info, then use reputable sites like this one & Macmillan.

If you want to, do let us know how you get on.

ann x



its more than normal to be emotional ! Waiting for results and having the unknown hanging over you is so stressful even for the most emotionally strong person.  


I think when you are having the biopsies the situation takes over and you just get on with it- well I did anyway, it wasn’t until I got home and then the next day my head started working overtime that the emotions really kicked in, It’s normal to be scared and all those other emotions. Be kind to yourself and take good care xxx

Thank you. You are right I just got on with it yesterday too but today feel an emotional wreck lol. The doctor even said yesterday ‘you have been brave’ but you just have to deal with it right. I’m emotionally stronge so can’t understand why I’m so bloody emotional today! Xx

I had three biopsies this week as well, I get my results on Tuesday at around 5pm. I think it’s very normal to be emotional. I’m very up and down - one minute I’m fine, the next minute my imagination goes into overdrive and I become very anxious, withdrawn or start crying. The ladies on this forum have been the biggest comfort to me - hope you find they help too. Have got my fingers crossed for both of us next week x

Hey listen we can go threw our results together then eh? Thank you all. It’s nice talking to people that really know how you are feeling. Like I said my OH (and family) are great. But they can’t truely understand what you are going threw can they? Maybe it’s me being harsh lol xx

Please let me know how you get on your a day before me xx

I will do. And I will definitely check in with you. Was feeling OK yesterday but had a big cry before bed. Hoping this weekend doesn’t drag. How are you feeling?

I’m ok today, kind of forgot about it today really which is a good thing. Just watching the Manchester gig so that’s taking my thoughts off of stuff. How are you? I cried loads on Friday, think I needed to get it all out. Please let me know Hun xxx

How was it Hun? I’m not sure I can add a personal email on here. Please let me know. Was thinking about you today xxx

It turned out to be benign - doctor said it was a “fibrocystic breast change” and nothing to worry about. Feel like I can breathe again! Hope everything goes OK for you tomorrow. I have everything crossed. Please let me know how you get on. I’ll be thinking of you x x

I got the all clear guys! I have lots of cysts but they said to check once a month and if anything changes then go back. Absolutely over the moon xx

Fantastic news!!! I had the same news yesterday but I had to have one of the cysts drained as it was quite large!
So happy for you xx

I am so happy for you! What lovely news. X

Thank you so much. I feel emotionally charged! I kept a lot in so think a release. I cannot thank this group enough. Xxx

Hi! I have been to Breast clinic on Thursday and had 4 biopsies and an ultrasound and 3 mammograms.I am very sore and having a blood test tomorrow and scan on Tuesday.I am terrified and have been crying for two days.My husband is fabulous but i am just so worried and fearing the worse.Yesterday i was quite positive that something is being done and that I can deal with it but today has been a bad day.I think the inconsistency is what is most draining! It definitely helps to keep busy and being able to talk on here does help as well.xx

Thankyou for the help-it really does help to know you are not alone and that if it is bad news,there is something you can do-always be positive-it is not easy but it is good to chat on here XX

Feeling a bit panicked today-got to go for scans tomorrow and feel like everything is happening so fast-which I know is necessary but feel like its all doom and gloom.It is hard trying to be positive where there is so much going through your head.You start second guessing everything and “knowing” that it is bad xxx

Thankyou for the help-It really does make a difference to know you are not alone.I get my results in a couple of days so will let you know how I get on.Trying not to think ahead too much and get as much rest as I can.Reading/sitting in Garden has helped too.Just keep telling myself that there will be a plan of treatment and that something will get done about whatever it is.
Big hugs and many thanks XXX

Bolly you commented on my post yesterday and helped me x I know exactly where you are coming from my results on Wednesday x sending you a big hug and best wishes (today I had a wobble too so guess we are all ‘normal’ I would like to say a special thanks to ladybowlet aka Helena as she has commented on so many posts I have read and also replied to my posts and your replies are so caring x