Very sore nails on AC

Hi girls

Just wondering how ‘normal’ this is on AC or FEC. I haven’t had any sign of nail problems until about a week into my 4th cycle of AC but now, on day 12 of cycle 4, my fingernails are really hot and red and sore. I know it’s common on Tax but no one said anything about it on the drugs I’m having at the moment. One of them is starting to feel quite loose. A couple of my toenails feel tender too, but nothing like the fingers.

Anyone else had this?



Hi Jane,

I am really just sending this back to the top in the hope that someone can answer your query.

I was on tax and did have problems. Massage seemed to help so I used a good nail oil several times a day.


Hi jane i did 4 sessions of AC didnt havnt any problems with my nails until i got on tax maybe the problem started from AC but wasnt aware of it