very worried husband needs some advice please

Hi All,
A couple of weeks ago my wife told me about a lump she has noticed in her breast. We went to the GP and were referred to the hospital who had her in for tests.

She had an ultrasound and a mammogramme, and a needle to take a sample.

Due to a mic up with the hospital we were not informed of the correct day to go for results and this ended up with the hospital phoning my wife who asked what the results were. Now this is where I am a little unclear as my wife says the nurse she spoke to told her that she had either a pre cancerous growth or cancer, and needed to come in for a tissue test.

I dont know if this is correct, if they know it’s cancer or pre cancerous growth why do they need to do further tests, should it not simply be booked in for removal?

I dont know if my wife has it mixed up or not and would appreciate anyones assistance.


hi rob, a tissue test is usually called a core biopsy which involves taking a small sample of the lump for analysis.until they know the results of this they probably wouldnt perform surgery.could u call the nurse back to clarify this or could u talk to a breast care nurse. the helpline here is fantastic so please do call them for more info wihing u both best wishes love alex

By the sound of it (and I could be wrong) your wife had a fine needle aspiration (FNA), which is where a very fine needle is inserted into the area under investigation and cells are taken. This can be a useful first test, but if there’s something that they want to look at again they usually do a core biopsy, which is done with a thicker needle, under local anaesthetic.

By the sound of it your wife may have to have a core biopsy to investigate further the area they were looking at, as FNA can sometimes give inconclusive results.

There are a couple of pre-cancerous types so I wouldn’t want to make any suggestions as to what it might be, for fear of either giving you false reassurance or frightening you, and I wouldn’t want to do either.

Give the breast care nurse a ring, and also the helpline (number at the top of the page).

This is probably a very worrying time for you as you don’t quite know what’s going on, but it will get easier to deal with once the next lot of tests have been done and the results are in.

Best of luck