Very worried to say the least.

Like everyone on hear I am worried I may have breast cancer. I found a lump in my left breast Wednesday night, near the rib cage. Went to the doctors Thursday and he has referred me to the breast clinic. Fortunately I am on my husbands health scheme at work, so I got a private appointment for tomorrow morning. I’m very relieved that I don’t have to wait long and I’m grateful for that.
However, my mom died of breast cancer in 1985, when she was 49. I was 17. I have no brothers and sisters and no aunts etc to say if there is a genetic link. My mothers father died of cancer of the colon. I’m 44.
My mom was very ill and the last few weeks of her life were truly horrific. I’m in a constant state of utter panic. I feel its all I am thinking about. I am in quite a surreal place at the moment.
I know I may be over reacting as I have had no results yet. But this fear of breast cancer sets me off on a real whirlwind of negativety. I had a mammogram last May 2011 and ultrasound which came back clear. Any advise?

hi .it’s absolutely normal to be feeling panic fear. you really are not on your own. get the biopsy out the way then you will deal with what ever comes next . I really hope it’s a lump that’s not cancerous. my mom had breast cancer in 2004 - lost dad to cancer 2yrs ago and in Sept I found lump and turned out to be cancer. I’ve had my op removed lump and had 1St chemo. it’s so very difficult to tell you how to feel as everyone reacts to these times differently. in my case I take 1 day at a time. it’s the worst time in anyones life when given these worries. fingers crossed for you hun. keep us posted xx

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Yes its best to ge through each day. Thanks Tina for your advice and good luck with your chemo. I will update as soon as I’ve been tomorrow. All the posts on here make you feel you are not alone.
Thank you


Hi please try to be positive and enjoy the normal weekend that you would usually have and I know that it is hard but it’s a fact that women have lumps in their breast and not all of them are cancer. I have been back nd forth to breast clinic many times to have cysts drained. Whatever the results we are here to support. x

Hi am new to the forum but am hoping to gain some of the great support you all offer to each other.
I was recalled amd have had an ultrasound which found nothing and appeared normal . However due to a change showing from previous mammogram I was given a core biopsy, result said benign but radiologist wanted me to have vacuum Biopsy because she wants to check mucous / atypical cells. .?
am feeling a bit confused by it all and scared and anxious though trying to remain positive . My sister is 6 years in remission following mastectomy. .its the chemo that am more afraid off
i am back next weds for the results . I really don’t know what to expect? Has anyone been in this situation.? Xx
thanks if anyone able to respond x

Just to let you know I saw the consultant yesterday. He examined me and said he didn’t think there was anything to worry about. However, he’s booked me in for a mammogram and ultrasound on Wednesday, just to be sure.
Still nervous but I feel a little better. My husband seems relieved although I won’t be happy until I’ve had my mammogram and ultrasound. Fingers crossed it will be okay.
Irish dancer it must be an awful time for you. You must be on an emotional rollercoaster. We’re both back at the hospital next Wednesday and hopefully it will be good news for both of us. Please keep in touch and let us all know how its going. Have you tried calling the free helpline? They’re really good and I rang them a couple of times. Give them a call.
Take care big hugs.

I am at my Breast clinic on Tuesday morning. The letter they sent says it is a one stop clinic and whilst there I will have a triple assesment. It says it could be 4 hours there… 2 things I wonder if anyone can help me with is 1) can my sister be with me at each step and 2) will I get my results the same day?

Hi Blackpool lass

Welcome to the BCC Forum. I’m sure other members will soon be along to offer support and answer your specific questions but I thought the BCC publication on" Your Breast Clinic Appointment" might be useful. Here is the link:

It discusses what to expect during your appointment. Hope this helps.

Very best wishes


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Hi Blackpool Lass, my hospital operated a ‘one stop’ clinic and activiely encouraged people to have someone with them (I didn’t but the first thing I was aksed was ‘do you have someone with you’ and was then told that when I cam eback i must make sure I brought someone). Most hopsitals permit patients to be accompanied by one relative/friend, though you may wish you sister to step outside if, for example, they are doing an examination. She won’t be able to go into the mammogram room with you in the same way that she wouldn’t be able to be infor a X ray; if you have biopsies you may or may not want her to see what’s being done. But certainly she can be in for all consultation stuff.

A one stop clinic should, in my understanding, give you at least provisional results there and then. If - and let’s hope this is so - it turns out to be totally benign, they will tell you and discharge you :slight_smile: If it turns out to be something like a cyst they can probably drain it there and then :slight_smile: if it turns out to be cancer - or ‘almost certainly cancer’ they can tell you that too :-(. My diagnosis was ‘legal’ only once they’d got the results of the core biopsies back, which take a few days, but I knew based on the fine needle aspiraton an hour after they took the tests. They were amazingly supportive and kind, so it was just a long afternoon rather than an ordeal.

Try not to worry too much, easy to say I know, but most people turn out not to have cancer. If you are unlucky enough to have to join us, you will find loads of great support here.

thankyou Janet for the link

thank you Rev Cat for your help too…And thanks for explaning it all for me.

I am so glad my sister said she will go with me but feel like I am taking her day up for her…She is helping me keep my spirits up and making me laugh( she is even keeping her mobile phone on over night in case I can’t sleep)

Tuesday will soon be here
wishing you all the best Rev Cat

Laura thank you for your reply, and kind thoughts.
I will let you know on weds what my outcome is. I just want to know now and get on with things.
I am sure you will be fine. There appears to be a more preventative approach these days, which is great but at the same time makes us anxious ! All the best to you and me and anyone getting an outcome soon xxx

Hi Irishdancer
Just to let you know I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. I go for my appt at 2.45 ultrasound and then straight to consultant. Hope they don’t have to do any tests as that will take longer.
I felt a bit better after seeing the consultant Saturday as he seemed to provide me with a bit of reassurance. However I won’t be happy unless the mammogram and ultrasound are okay. All kinds of thoughts are running through my head. To be honest I feel a bit spaced out. I think I’ll have to take one of my sleeping tablets tonight. Anyway, best of luck, big hugs and I’ll let you know tomorrow how I get on.

thanks so much again .stay positive x 2 x

Hi all

Went today had mammogram and ultrsound. Everything was fine. The consultant is referring me to a geneticist to see if there is any risk factors, as my mom died of breast cancer and I have no living relatives. So okay for now. Looking forward to seeing the genetisist.
Thank you everyone for your support. From the posts I’ve read, there really are some amazing and inspirational people here and my prayers and hugs are with you all.
Thank you all again.

So glad you are OK for now - I bet you are mightily relieved? Let’s hope the geneticist has good news too! :slight_smile:

Hi Laura … Looks like we both had a good outcome, I Was given the all clear today as well ! I have to say I was as numb
about that news as I would have been about another outcome. Having had the biopsies etc i thought
i would be facing a diagnosis. I am so happy for you and others who who have come through this worrying time, and this forum is a great help when facing worry of tests. I wish everyone well and particularly those facing treatment , stay positive. Times have changed , we all can come through the challenge of BC now and overcome it . Xxx