Very worried :'-(

Started writing a post and it just disappeared!!! God knows where it went so I shall start again. Don’t really know where to start but have been reading this forum for about 4 weeks now. I found a lump, a small pea sized hard lump under my left nipple. Ignored it thinking it was hormonal so waited for my period to arrive to see if it disapeared. It didn’t so went to the dr. She felt it straight away. She said she thought it could also be hormonal or a cyst and wanted to make sure it wasn’t hormonal dispite me saying I’d already done that! Anyway I had to wait a week as I was due on again in a few days. It didn’t go so went back. I’ve now been referred but because I went on holiday 2 weeks ago it was going to b delayed. I got back on Monday and I still haven’t received my appointment. I’ve had pain and strange tingling sensations like my milk is coming in when I breast fed my kids. My youngest is 10 now so it feels rather odd to be feeling this. I’m just so worried :frowning: like the rest of you and haven’t really told any body. My ex husband who I split up with 18 months ago is in Hong Kong working permanently now and my best friend’s sister has just been diagnosed with skin cancer. I don’t feel like I can tell her yet until I get to the breast clinic and have a full diagnosis. I don’t want to worry anyone unnecessarily. But I’m so scared :frowning: I’m so inspired by all the posts own here though and I guess I’m just looking for some support from people who understand and who are going through the same thing.
Thanks for reading xx

Hiya - ring your Doctor and ask for an urgent referal to a breast clinic. The waiting time really is the worst part about all of this. Our minds tend to take us down the darkest routes if we let them! Take some control and ring your doctor again this morning - stress how worried you are and ask if you can be seen as soon as possible, even taking last minute cancellations if available.

Good luck with everything - I do hope that you fall on the right side of the statistics and this is just a worrying blip in your life rather than a switch onto the roller coaster that some of us ride on.

Hi there,
Im in the same boat as you. Found a small pea size lump on my nipple (areola part), not really under, more on it. My GP has referred me to breast clinic and now just waiting. I go from thinking its nothing to thinking the worst. Just wanted you to know, you’re not alone. I’ve also only told my husband and a couple of close friends, as I feel I don’t want anyone to worry unnecessarily.

Thank you so much for your replies. Means a lot to know I have some support. I went into my docs surgery this morning to chase up my referral. Apparently the first fax came back to the doc because I went on holiday and the doctor was told to re fax it on my return on the 14th. So she did that and I should have a call from the breast clinic any day now. I’ve had another symptom this afternoon, green discharge from the nipple! I’m terrified now :frowning: Have any of you had any discharge at all ??

Sara xx

Hi Smiley, no I’ve not had any discharge. Try not to worry, and I’ll try to practice what I preach! I keep telling myself that most lumps turn out to be nothing. The waiting is rubbish though. :frowning:

The waiting is most certainly the pits! I’m trying to convince myself it’s nothing to worry about but this discharge today ahead freaked me out! :-/
I hope you get your appointment soon too. Am here if you need to share your worries x

Hi, just thought I’d update you, I have my appointment booked for next weds afternoon. Feel relieved but very anxious at the same time… God all these emotions I’m feeling are incredible. Ive planned a party to a funeral over the last 4 weeks!! Roll on next weds when il have peace of mind! :-/

Hi I am new but would like to say good luck for weds. I am waiting to Hear from breast clinic after gp referring me last Thursday.I have never been so scared in all my life.mine started with pain,discharge and then I found a large mass.i have faulse boobs and the bad boob is very sunken and misshaped.are you still experiencing pain?
emma x

Hi Emma. Thank you for the good luck wishes. I am still getting pains, mainly it’s a dull pain/ache which im aware of all the time but occasionally it’s a shooting/stabbing pain, then I get the tingling sensation like my milk is coming through. All very odd!
like you I have never been so scared in all my life! So you are not alone. I just want to know now, the waiting is just horrendous.
I hope you get your appointment through soon. When you noticed the discharge was it an odd colour ? Or just clear ? Just wondering if it was the same as mine. I’ve not read anywhere on here anyone mentioning green discharge so I’m hoping that’s a good sign ?
Am here if you need to share your fears anytime. This site is amazing and so many amazing ladies on here offering words of comfort all the time.
Sara x

Hi Sara my discharge is clear. I have been in agony today with shooting pains so phoned gp and they told mmr to phone breast clinic so I did and they haven’t received my referral yet!!

Oh Emma that sucks! Did you phone your Gp back to tell them they hadn’t received it.?? Keep hassling! waiting and worrying is hard enough.
Im all over the place today :(. Turned on the radio this morning and first thing that came on was an advert for breast cancer, I switched it off and put the tv on to see a mcmilIan advert, switched that off to read a mag and there’s a breast cancer advert On first page! Then I go into town go up the high street and there’s cancer research canvassers !! Arghhhhhhhhhh!!! Totally freaked out is an understatement. I feel like just hiding under my duvet until wedsnesday :frowning:

Yes I phoned them and they said if I wantd I could go and see gp in morn due to pain. They did also say that the referral has been sent…hey your right Hun about all the crazy things that go on as every time I put t.v on its cancer adverts and when I put radio on in car then it’s race for life and when I turn laptop on I see pink ribbons every where…I lost my aunty who was 55 to cancer at Christmas time and I was there when she passed…I have 3 children and I get a lump in my throat everytime I look at them…i said to my partner tonight my boobs were everything but now I’m disappointed! I sound like a fruitcake don’t I Hun? But just can’t help it…SOS for the rant love emma x

So here I sit a few hours before my appointment… Can’t seem to function or concentrate on anything. Today is not a good day anyway, my best friends sister who has skin cancer has an important scan today and its six years today that my best friend lost her baby to a disease called HLH. I’m so hoping I get good news so I don’t have to burden her with any more troubles. Wishing she could come with me though! :frowning:
Emma, I hope you have had your appt through now? I also lost an aunty to breast cancer. My dr did tell me though that they don’t see aunties as an hereditary factor. It’s usually sisters and mums. It didn’t really reassure me though !! But hey, what will be will be. I’ve taken the attitude that if it is BC I will cope. Reading positive stories on here has helped loads with that. It’s just the tests today and then having to tell my two children if its bad news that scares the crap out of me! I’m a single mum and have no family around me. they are all in Devon and I’m in London. So that’s gonna be the hardest bit for me.
Anyway I will come back on later after my appt with hopefully good news!
Wishing you all lots of love xxx
Sara x

Hi Smileyfaces

I just wanted to drop by and wish you all the very best of luck for later today.

My fingers are crossed,
Martha xx

Good luck hhun thinking of you…xxxx

Well I’ve been to appiontment and still no further forward. The initial lump I went with the specialist wasn’t worried about. Apparently that’s Ductal ecstasia. But before examining that lump he found another. A thickening of Breast tissue which he was concerned about more. They have taken swabs of the disharge and want to scan me on the thickening but can’t do that though until results come back from swabs. Apparently il be seen within 4 weeks!! So dissapointed :frowning: thought it was a one stop clinic where I’d be scanned the same day. Clearly not! Very worried about the thickening as know that’s not a good thing from what I’ve read on here recently :frowning:
I’m going to try and get an appt with my doctor tomorrow to try and get a private scan arranged. I cannot possibly wait another 4 weeks!!! Going out my mind this evening!!

Oh you poor love! I know four weeks feels like a lifetime when you are this worried! Hopefully you can get a scan sooner rather than later … I don’t see why it takes 4 weeks to get swab tests back! … but anyway, hopefully it will turn out all ok in the end.

Hang on in there, Keep us posted! xx

Thanks morwenna. I think the swabs will come back sooner, it was the scan that is going to take longer. Apparently even if they thought it was 100% bc I would still have to wait within 4 weeks to have the scan. That’s just the hospital policy. Hence the doctors tomorrow to see if I get a quicker private scan. It just sucks that having to wait 5 weeks already for initial assessment for then to have to wait a further 4! I don’t know if I can cope with that :-/ I was so hoping they were going to say its just a cyst. But not even that! To find another mass, a thickening, was my worse fear. :frowning: very very difficult to come home to my two children tonight and pretend all is well when I’m falling apart inside.
Sorry for the rant but I’m bloody scared, dissapointed and damn right frustrated !!

Martha and Emma, thankyou for your good luck wishes. Very much appreciated xx

Hey smileyfaces I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you today huni x I am so sorry that it wasn’t the greatest news. Four weeks is ridiculously long…I think you are doing the right thing I couldn’t wait that long. The waiting is the worst :frowning: look at your children and know that you have done the right thing by them in going to see a doctor babe you could have just pretended every thing was ok and it was your imagination. At least this way you can tacklewhatever this is early and head on. Take care huni big hugs xX