Video 'Moving Beyond BC'

Video ‘Moving Beyond BC’

Video ‘Moving Beyond BC’ There is a free 23-minute video available from the National Cancer Institute in the USA called ‘Moving Beyond Breast Cancer’ which is very useful. I got mine this morning. The video features women who have recovered (not actresses) discussing such issues as emotions, sexual feeings, fatigue and anxiety and depression after treatment has finished. It’s very reassuring.

Try this link:

or go to: and follow the Publications link. There is also a DVD but remember you need a region free player to watch it and mine is only Region 2!

Hope this info is useful.

Video Thanks Sue
I have just ordered DVD. Dont know about you but I sometimes thinkl this stage is harder than the treatment!
Thanks Again JanetS

Yes it is harder I definitely agree Janet. All during treatment I had various emotions - fear, anxiety, relief at certain times, pain, shock, but never this awful deadening depression I have now. I don’t even care if the BC comes back at the moment! And this terrible fatigue is so debilitating. And the guilt that come with it. I am signed off work yet again and feel bad about that too. You wonder how much longer they can go on being understanding! I told the Occ. Health doc that it is like being in a 6 month train crash and that some degree of post traumatic stress disorder is what I and others must be experiencing.

Enough moaning. I must think of all those poor women who have just been diagnosed. they have the journey ahead of them.
Hope the DVD helps. It’s great that it’s free, even postage!
Sue XX

Hi Sue,
I tried to order the video but it kept asking for my aip code and wouldn’t accept my post code. What am i doing wrong?

Lot In Common Hi Sue
Thanks for your reply glad to know I am not on my own. If you click on the Chit Chat & Fun forum I have left a message for you.

Video Kelley, email the following:
to order the video, rather than try and fill in the form.
I note the form asks for your zip code and won’t accept a UK postcode so it’s not possible to fill it in anyway!

Send your full name and address and the video title.

At mail Kelly, for that email address read the ‘at mail’ as the usual symbol used in email addresses if you know what I mean. For some reason this forum has changed the symbol. (Also there are no dashes in the address.)