Vigilance or paranoia

At my last hospital appointment I was told I must be very vigilant in keeping a check on myself, had 3 recurrences and get the impression they think it will come back again. Yesterday morning I woke and found two little lumps on the inside of my breast, panic stations, looked like bites but how did they get there. Today after much rubbing I have two sore looking marks, pretty sure must be bites but I really don’t want to start getting paranoid every time I have a spot, pimple whatever.

Had some strattic (I think its called but probably spelt wrong) put under my skin last year following an op on my reconstructed side so not sure what feels normal these days.

Oh well have hospital appointment next week, get them to check.


Good plan, Janice. Even if you got a GP’s appointment and a referral it wouldn’t be quicker. It’s hardly surprising you’re concerned after what you’ve been through, so I think you just need to call it vigilance and let them reassure you next week.

hi janice, i know what you mean i could be on the phone daily with one ache or another, but discovered snall lumps in several areas around mx area so had them all removed in day surgery now have to wait ,how quick after treatment did you recur and in what way? are you hormone + ? x


My first diagnoses was way back in 1986, lumpectomy and rads, was OK for 20 years never thought it would return after all that time.

First recurrence in 2005, showed up as dent rather than lump, had mastectomy with immediate reconstruction and Tamoxifen which I gave up after a year due to side effects, think I was over confident I would be all right.

Second recurrence 2009 had lump under arm opposite side so had rads again and put on Fermara. Fermara did not work for me as had further recurrence last year on reconstruction side, was able to have it removed without loosing reconstruction. Have been put back on tamoxifen, not been too bad on it this time but I dare not stop taking it again.

Over all this time I have never been given chemo, its a mistery to me but have been told I would’nt benefit from it. I am still around after all these years so must be doing something right.

Best wishes


wow 20 yrs…that would lul you into a false sense of security as you say, but you kept it at bay for all those years even without chemo…heres to another 20 x