Vinorelbine advice?

Just been told I’ll be having vinorelbine & herceptin … I had herceptin before for my primary but am a bit clueless about the chemo … anyone have any wise words / advice?? Xx

Yes, but the problem is…I had it alone…it was the oral version too…

I used to rush home to get it n the fridge. Its in a capsule made of jelly like coating. When you open it check that its not damaged or broken…I used to cut carefully just around one side of the plastic case it cones in…you cant pop it out like an ordinary tablet as its fragile. i used to half fll my mouth with cold water and chuck the capsule in. i always took it with food. My nails werent brilliant on it

Good luck with it xx i had no unpleasant side effects.

Thanks for this … should I be worried that this seems to be first line of defence, girls on another forum seem quite horrified & now I’m panicking! Xx

No…dont panic…my onc says that they now try and combine drugs a bit to see if they are more effective together. We are all different…


they are learning more and more…this is a very good chemo, but didnt work for me…now im on Eribulin…works for me, but not for some others…


this might turn out to be your wonder drug…dont panic…give it a tryxxx


love and hugs…let us know how it goesxx



Hi I’m my 5 th cycle of Cape my last scan showed some improvement and some worsening on my breast cancer that’s spread to my chest wall therfore my oncologist is going to put me on vinorelbine next time I see him in 2 weeks.felt ok.on cape but am worried about side effects when I start this other chemo drug along with cape. Anyone else on same tablets xx