thank you for replying on my other thread, is there anybody that can tell me anything about this chemo i startin 3 weeks as capecitabine has stopped working
thanks galen x

Hi Galen

I’ve had Vinorelbine also after CapcitabineLapatinib stopped working.
It worked well for a few months for me with minimal side effects. I just had to go weekly to the hospital for the capsules, which I’d take while I was there and that was it. They even took them out of the packets for me!

Good luck!


hi thak you for your reply, did you also have herceptin


No problem! Yes, I went back on to Herceptin when I started the Vinorelbine.



I am replying for my Mum, she had been on Vinorelbine since the end of January, unfortunately it did not stop the cancer spreading further. She is also on Herceptin.

She found that the day she took her pills was quite bad, so a light meal was the way to go for Mum. She was sick after most weeks tablets, especially when they upped the dose… she got on better with it than she did the capceitibine (sp??) and oncologist said her ALP readings were better.

On the upped doseage she was pretty ill and had to go into hospital, this looked like it was cancer spread ontop of an infection… she is now about to go onto taxotere weekly.

I hope that doesn’t come across negative as, it depends on how you react to it and what other chemos you’ve had before - like the oncologist says… everyone is different.

Wouldn’t plan anything to strenious on tablet day or day after!

thanks for your reply even hough it does sound a bit scary !!

Sorry, it wasn’t meant to come across as scary… that was Mums experience with it, I bet some people have had great experiences with it.

best of luck with the treatment

thanks x

Hiyaz, i,m on it now.

i was put on capcitabine last year and herceptin until they stopped working last November. i was then on monthly jabs of goserelin.

i found out 2 days before christmas that it had spread to my brain so hgad to have 5 days of radiotherapy and lost my lovely long hair that i had been growing sing my 1st discovery of IBC and was put on AC then after my mastectomy Taxotere.

i continued on the goserelin until my lymph noses and some nasty red nodules appeared where my cleavage would be, and the plual affusiion came to my ‘healthy’ breast- i also found a lump and tgena week later i got immflammatory again. I forgot to mention, it’s also in my liver groin and spine.

my oncologist said time for my last chemo. a combo of epyrubicin and vinorilbine.

my veins ache well they kill actually - its in between a scald and severe bruise. they say its the vinorilbine not the Epyrubicine doing that. You can actually see my veine going up my arm from where they canulated me - redish purple.

As im not strong these days - even at 39 - they give me a dose one week, same dose next week, then i have a week off. i’m alway through now. when it finishes in july, they will put me on oral vinoralbine.

not sure whether you’re having oral or IV?! a good anti-sickness tablet is Nozinan or Levomepromazine/levinan. they won’t offer it you unless you ask as it’s expensive. it was my last resort as i triedall the others and none of them stopped my sickness.

Hope it goes ok for you xxx

by the way, i’ve had no sickness whatsoever on the oral vinorelbine/epyrubicin combo IV. Unless i’ve builst up a resistance over the las year with all the drugs?! xxx

hi,i am starting vinorelbine through veins,can anyone give me any tips on what to having one injection 1 week then same the following week with a week off after that.also im on herceptin,which im staying on as capecitabine has not worked.i have secondary breast wishes to