Visit to Oncologist...

Visit to Oncologist…

Visit to Oncologist… Hi Girls

Im on a roll tonight…3rd posting I am due for a visit to the oncologist tomorrow and although I am not as loopy as my first visit my tummy still keeps doing summersaults!!!

Im I strange or does anyone else feel like this? I keep going for a walk in the dark and seeing all the christmas lights makes me cry I keep thinking about when I was a child and I keep remembering a little church that my grandfather had in his window, on one hand it comforts me and on the other I feel very sad…

Yes…yes I think that all in all last week I was hugging a tree in the woods and this week Im reverting back to my childhood…Im definately going ga ga…

Night All!

Debbie x

Hi Debbie,

No you’re are not going ga ga - that is the emotions of this disease.

One minute we are up - going to beat it - the next we are down - what if…

Hold on in there, keep smiling and i hope the visit tomorrow is a good one.

Take care all,
love LINDA

Keep your chin up Good luck 4 tomorrow Debbie it’s supposed to be normal to feel like this isn’t it but it doesn’t feel normal when you’re feeling it does it?
Going to read your earlier posts so catch up again soon
Love Val

Hi Debbie

You are not on your own I am at the hospital on monday for 2 check ups and my tummy has started to do summersaults already.

Just keep hugging those trees!!! (I might try that to-day)

Love Janet

P.S hope things go well for you to-day.

Thanks Girls… Thank you girls for you kind thoughts…the visit went ok and I. to be seen again by him in 6 months.

(Ps Thank you Janet for the lovely card)

Love Debbie xx