Vitamin D improves your outcome



Please read this and make sure that you have enough Vitamin D. It is hard to get via your diet and you need to be in the sun (and not wash or swim for a few hours) or take a supplement.

Thanks Blueash - really helpfull. I was reading this somewhere else recently too, but can’t remember where. I’ve been ensuring adaquate Vit  D anyway. along with calcium, due to trying to avoid developing osteoporosis while on Anastrozole, so it’s another heads-up to get our Vit D right. On another subject re hormone therapy, saw a tv prog recently where they said that NASA give their astronauts PRUNES when they return from space to get their bone density back after weighlessness - apparently 5 prunes a day is all you need, so I have them every day too - pretty vile in my view but on the brekkie I don’t taste them! Thanks again.xxxx

PS: As it’s tipping down with rain I find myself researching a bit, and find that prunes ALSO help protect against radiation in people who are exposed to radiation in their work. Well, as we get a lot more mammograms than other folk, that could be another reason to shovel down the nasty things. :smileyhappy: