Vitamin D?

Is it OK to take vitamin D on abemaciclib? Also is it ok to take vitamin D in general to help with hair growth. Google seems to think it’s actually beneficial for cancer patients in reducing tumours. What about when the tumour has been removed, do we think it is still beneficial?

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I’ve been given it on prescription with calcium tablet ms and anastrszole . Ask your doctor


Hi Sprout78

I am on Abemaciclib and I am also on prescribed vitamin d fron the oncologists.

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Thankyou, don’t know why they haven’t suggested it for me. I’ve read it is often given to patients.

Thankyou, don’t know why I haven’t. I will ask x

Hi Sprout

I was prescribed it as my vitamin d levels were showing as low in my nlood tests and so I don’t know if it would be standard to be prescribed it whilst on Abemaciclib.

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I think you’ll find you need Vit D plus Vit K2 (MK 7 form) plus magnesium which you can buy combined in capsule form. Vit D and MK-7 in balance work synergistically to increase the calcium in your bones while protecting your tissues. (From my integrative therapist with 30 plus years experience working with oncologists and cancer patients). For hair growth I can recommend Thymuskin products. They’ve been tested by the Institute of Oncology in Heidelberg. They worked for me when I was on Abemaciclib. They’re not cheap but you can buy then on Amazon and they last for ages. Apologies if I’m not supposed to recommend commercial products on here.

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Thankyou. I’m not sure if you’re allowed to recommend products but I’m glad you did, it’s a minefield out there! They are talking about putting me on zometa so not sure about calcium products. I will have to ask what the doctors recommend, although I don’t have much faith in them at the moment. Thankyou.

Hi sprout78

Thank you for your post asking about taking vitamin D while on abemaciclib. I was unable to find any information whether vitamin D can help with hair regrowth. There is also currently no reliable evidence that any dietary supplement, including vitamin D can help to prevent cancer developing.

However, as @heartbreak and @Bookie say, a vitamin D supplement is sometimes prescribed. This will depend on the individual situation. If someone is not able to get enough vitamin D from sunlight because of little or no exposure to the sun, their doctor may recommend taking a vitamin D supplement throughout the year. The recommended dose of vitamin D is 10 micrograms (400 International Units (IU)) per day. Vitamin D%20per%20day.) is needed to help your body absorb calcium and it may sometimes be prescribed with calcium supplements.

A vitamin D supplement is also generally recommended in the winter months, from October and early March, as we do not make enough vitamin D from sunlight. However, before taking vitamin D supplements it may help to first speak with your treatment team as you plan to do. Your GP or pharmacist can also help.

We cannot recommend taking specific supplements and would always suggest talking to your treatment team or pharmacist before taking any supplements. You may find it helpful to search on this American website, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, for information about individual herbs and vitamins, including vitamin D. Each has sections on existing evidence and what known interaction there is with other medications. You may find that that some herbs have different names in America.

Here is our information about Zometa.

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