vitamins and supplements - what to take

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I would really appreciate advice about vitamins and supplements. I am oestrogen positive, so can’t take soya products (amazing the amount of soya in health products). I currently take a multivit and was taking cod liver oil capsules (but they contain soya). I had surgery, chemo, rads and now on taxoxifen, so any advice that would give my poor body a boost would be most welcome.

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Solgar do not use soya in their products so have a look for a supplier.

It is worth considering extra selenium, magnesium, and CoQ10. Cancer depletes the body of these in particular.

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I am taking a multivitamin, omega-3 to help with my poor memory, echinacea to boost my immunity and vitamin D because it’s meant to be good for reducing tumour growth - I’ve read that if you’re diagnosed in the summer then statistically you have a better chance of survival due to vitamin D from the sunshine. Don’t fancy my chances after the summer we’ve (not) had in the UK!

My vitamin D contains soya but the treatment has been going well so far so I figured I’d carry on with what I’ve been doing. I’m also oestrogen+. Plus soya is difficult to avoid as it’s added to so many processed foods.

My onc wouldn’t advise or advise against taking any plant oestrogens. She says there just isn’t enough evidence to know if it’s harmful or not. I read somewhere on the internet that plant oestrogen can replace oestrogren on the receptors and that it may be less “useful” to the cancer. I don’t know what to believe.

I’ve also read about CoQ10 and Iodine but haven’t had chance to research either yet… And, my sister says Korean Ginseng is good for boosting the immune system and your libido.

I’ll be rattling around at this rate :slight_smile:

Hi to everyone,

I have just been checking through things and thought i would tell you of my experience with what to and not to take, my surgeon suggested starflower oil and sage for my flushes. Both taken religiously and not much difference, GP started me on Chlonidine which has taken the edge of sweats and flushes. I always take soya milk with my breakfast as i have suffered sinus problems for years and it really helps but after reading up on this website about soya and oestrogen positive BC thought i would stop it a couple of weeks ago and go back to plain old milk. After four days my sweats got so much worse i was back to taking a towel and change of underwear out with me, I decided i could not hack it as the sweats gave me nausea so measured out about how much soya milk i was actually having on my cereal, well it worked out to about 3/4 mug so have decided to stay with the soya milk, plant oestrogen’s are in so many things, tomato’s which i adore and lots of other foods, it makes life even more difficult deciding what you can and can’t eat.

I am on Arimidex and take nothing without asking my chemist, not even an asprin, it is all checked in their medical book for contraindications. We all worry that we are not doing enough to protect ourselves but only a little while ago we were told to eat plant oestrogen’s as they were good for preventing cancer, there was even a leaflet from my doctors surgery promoting it! I think the main thing that we can do for ourselves is to eat healthy, exercise (yeah i am a fine one to talk about that being a couch potato but i am going to try, honest) and try to reduce the stress in our lives but as well as all that try to find something funny and enjoyable in each and every day.

Love to you all

I’m studying herbal medicine at uni at the moment, so personally being oestrogen positive, I’m finding it quite interesting finding out what is safe & not safe to use/eat etc. Phyto oestrogens DO mimic normal oestrogen, so yes, you do have to be really careful. I was advised against taking any sort of herbal medicine by my consultant, but not given any dietary advice at all until I asked but I have gone against this, as I’m seeing an experienced medical herbalist for treatment for my hot flushes, aching joints and lack of energy, and for me (everyone’s different) it’s has worked a treat, but he had to spend A LOT of time researching each plant in my tincture to make sure there were no phyto oestrogen contraindications. In some ways I’m a bit against over the counter herbal meds, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, then there’s always the poss that you might aggravate something you don’t want to aggravate. I would always recommend going to see a qualified professional if you’re thinking about taking herbal meds, as people in health food shops, (as helpful and lovely as they are) aren’t properly trained in it. Cleavers (galium aparine) has been in my herbal tincture from the first time I went to the herbalist myself, and cleavers tea is quite tasty too. It works very well as a lymphatic decongestant and toxic elimination, but again, that has been prescribed by my herbalist, who knows my full medical history and condition etc.

Love Hannah xx

I’m on lots of calcium, with added madnesium, vit d and selenium. I have dropped the majority of my dairy, still allow treats when eating out, after 6 months butter tastes offensive, I used to drool over bread and butter!
Also evening primrose and 400iu of vitamin e, for hot flashes, with great success.
No more than 2 glasses of wine or hot flashes go mental!
Juices every morning!
I feel like gillian mckeith’s love child, although perhaps less dessicated looking!
I am eating so much healthier than I used to, I always ate fairly healthy food, sometimes I do wish I could just stop thinking about each morsel I eat so much!