Vomiting on FEC - quick question


Just had 2nd FEC today…was experiencing worse than last time waves of nausea.

Took dex and anti sickness, then still felt bad a few hours later. Took some more with water and then was sick. Should I call the GP for something stronger or wait and try to take meds again in a bit?

Not feeling too bad now, still weak feeling in limbs, but no major nausea.


A xxx

Sorry I cant help you there as the dex and anti-sickness seem to do the trick for me.Infact the more I got into FEC the less I needed them.The first dose was definately the worst and after that things only got better!..Good luck!!

Hi Juddiv

How horrible for you. I remember being told to take the anti sickness drugs religiously on time or as soon as I felt even a tiny bit of sickness because if you take them when you are feeling really sick then it’s too late. I was given a drug called cyclizine as well as the dexa and domperi and there was something else as well (can’t remember) so I was taking a cocktail of 4 drugs. Maybe you need something else as well. You should speak to your chemo department tomorrow and get them to prescribe something in addition to what you are taking.

Lots of luck

Hi, sorry you are feeling bad, I have recently had four courses of FEC and found the nausea and sickness difficult to manage. The best tablets I had were ondansetron. These are expensive and therefore not always given out routinely. My GP prescribed them for me in a form that dissolves on my tongue, this helped. I would encourage you to let the chemo team know if you get more sickness. I found the nausea got much better after 48 hours.

Take care

i have had 3 FEC and am now having 3 TAX with HERCEPTIN x 18
i also had terrible nausea and vomiting
with my 1st FEC i was given domperidone which didn’t work at all i just threw them back up even though i took them before the nausea started
with my 2nd they changed the dose to ondansetron (spelling??) which wasn’t much better
with my 3rd i was changed to cyclizine which worked like magic for me no nausea/vomiting at all i was so happy!!!
i will be having my 2nd TAX and HERCEPTIN tomorrow and still taking cyclizine
i know we are all different in how we react to drugs and im sure there will be a sickness drug that will work for you i hope your doc finds it for you asap
i put up with my first lot of sickness and told my onc on my second visit for chemo and was told not under any circumstances to suffer in silence so please ask for help .


Thanks guys

Called NHS 24, heading to hospital to get something more industrial. They’ve made an appt for me so we headed down now.
Will let you know how I feel and what they’ve given me.

Thanks again for you experiences and advice



I finished chemo in November, I had 3 x FEC and 3 x Taxotere. I have to say that FEC#2 was the worst of all of them. I was really really sick and nauseous for a week. I complained too late - but by FEC#3 they had tripled my dose of dexamethosone and I was also starting my dex earlier (2 days I think) before the chemo. Still had domperidone too and also one tablet of Ondansatron daily too - worked a treat and FEC#3 was an absolute breeze. Phone your chemo unit ASAP and shout until they sort you out!!!

Good luck

juddiv…so glad to hear you called NHS Direct…when I was on FEC chemo I got bright purple spots on my legs, high temp and rang our out of hours service,…it was 7 pm on a Sunday and the hospital where I am treated for breast cancer is 2 hrs away. . I don’t trust the NHS direct service. The locum Dr sent me a driver to a local community hospital and at 10 pm I saw a doctor who gave me a shot - I had septicaemia, but luckily caught it at first base as the Americans would say. Don’t ever be embarrassed about calling a doctor out, it’s your life, not theirs.


Well, we had a pretty rough night here.

Got back from Hospital at midnight and was throwing up on the way home. Dr gave me a anti sickness drug called Buccastem. It is absorbed through the gums, it was pretty disgusting and took nearly 40mins to disslove. Went to bed at 1.30am and thankfully slept through.

So I’m trying some tea and toast, it’s been a while since I’ve eaten !!!

Thanks again

Love Axx

Phew! Glad you’re feeling better. Remind them again next time, and make sure you have good supplies of something strong. I’m sure they gave me something to swallow before the chemo started, AND something intravenously as a pre-med, to prevent sickness. Can’t remember what though, I’m sorry.
Hope it’s much better next time