Waiting 4 months for treatment plan!

Hi. I was diagnosed on March 13 th with grade 2 er + her2 - BC. I had a lumpectomy and SNB on 30 th March. The plan was for radiotherapy and tablets. The ultrasound showed no LN involvement!
A clear margin was gained but a micromet was found on sentinal node…I had an axillary dissection on 3 rd May for my piece of mind!
I have received my first oncology appt today for 19 th June…I thought all my treatment would be finished! My second grandchild is due in July and I’m gutted as my first one was premature and I was on holiday in Spain …it looks like I will be having treatment for this one!

Sandra x

Hi Sandra

The waiting is the worse bit isn’t? They have to allow time for your body to heal from surgery and I expect they’re doing chemo to be on the safe side.

Chemo isn’t as bad as you might think. I found once I had the drugs, I struggled for a week with fatigue, but didn’t feel unwell, and then I was OK for a couple of weeks before the next round. So I’m sure you will feel OK to enjoy your new grandchild. The only thing that I would say, would be to avoid going to the hospital and let them come to you, as the main worry during that time is infections.

Best wishes for your treatment.

Sue x

Thankyou Sue! x