Waiting and overthinking!

Hi all

I’m posting on here whilst waiting for an appointment at my local breast cancer clinic.

I’ve recently been having an aching and sometimes burning sensation in my left shoulder and shoulder blade (only ever on the one side). On 15/11 I had some shooting pain in my left armpit which in turn lead me to notice a lump and some (small, almost unnoticeable) swelling in the area between my left armpit and breast.

I went to see my GP on 20/11 as the lump and swelling were still there. At first the GP said she couldn’t feel anything but once I showed her the area she agreed there was a lump and completed a 2 week urgent referral to the breast clinic.

My CAB (choose and book) appointment was cancelled as I need to be seen in an “under 40s” clinic (I’m 27). On speaking to the clinic they’ve explained they are awaiting extra clinics and I’m likely to receive an appointment for 4/12 once the clinic is confirmed. (I work within the NHS so I’m well aware of 2 week cancer referrals, limited capacity and the sometimes very short notice of additional clinics!)

So far during the waiting period my thoughts have been switching from “of course its not breast cancer” to “I’m certain it’s breast cancer”. I’m sure most others awaiting assessment probably have the same thoughts!

I find my self comparing the area to the same area on the opposite side all the time. Sometimes I’m convinced the lump feels “unusual” and like an “extra piece” and then other times I feel like I’m making a big thing out of nothing and the lump is probably just part of my usual insides and I’m just focusing too much on it!

Is it normal to feel a little like a fraud whilst awaiting assessment?! If my GP agreed then surely there must be something there?

Not sure what I’m hoping to get from posting online but I feel like I’m losing my mind! I have my mum as support and a friend who I’ve told about my referral but their view is “it won’t be breast cancer so don’t worry”. I know they’re trying to be supportive and lessen my worry but I don’t feel I can speak openly to them about this through fear they’ll think I’m overreacting.

Is anyone else feeling just as crazy during the wait pre assessment? Xx



Hello and welcome to the forum.  You did absolutely the correct thing in going to your GP as any changes in your breast need to be checked out, however, as you have probably seen on here, a change does not mean that it is breast cancer, there are a lot of benign breast conditions that it could be and you are being referred to the experts to get it checked out.


What you are feeling is totally natural and we can all relate to that feeling of one minute thinking that you are wasting their time to being convinced it is something sinister and no matter what anyone tells you until you been to your apt you will not get peace of mind.  Try as much as possible to keep yourself distracted.


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx

Thanks Helena. I guess like you said and most of the other posts I’ve read have said, you can read all the stats about the likelihood etc. but when it comes to being in this position my mind keeps flipping from logical thinking to catastrophising!

I’m trying to keep my mind on other things but it’s there all the time niggling at the back of my mind! I know everyone on here is in or has previously been in this position and its nice to just be able to vent really!

Here’s hoping the next week passes quickly! Xx

Thanks Rachel. Glad to hear you got the all clear! I’m sure my appointment will be much the same and hopefully I’ll be back here passing on a good news story to someone else who’s going through a tough waiting period! Xx

Unfortunately I’m still waiting to be told about my appointment ? my 2 weeks is up on Tuesday (4/12) and I’ve called the clinic about 3 times to chase an appointment but all they can tell me is they have no current capacity and are waiting for additional clinics! I’ve asked them to put me on a cancellation list as I work at a neighbouring Trust (on the same hospital site!) to the breast unit and could be there with 5 minutes notice but nothing as yet.

I’m starting to think “the longest 2 weeks” could now become “the longest 3 or 4 weeks!”

I’m going to call them again on Monday (the ladies there are going to be sick of me!)

Has anyone had their 2 week target breached?


Hi all I’ve got my scan tomoz I’m so scared I’m thinking all sorts .I went Docs because what I was feeling in my left boob was getting bigger and really lumpy plus my mole in other was sore .the docs felt my left boob and found it straight away .I’ve got family history which didn’t end well .do any of u experience dull pain in your boob ? X

Hi Lizp85

I’m still waiting for my appointment! My 2 weeks is up tomorrow but when I called today they said they’re still waiting on confirmation of a clinic either tomorrow or Wednesday!

At least you have your appointment tomorrow and will hopefully get some answers!

I don’t have any pain in my breast but have read lots of posts with women who have (with varying outcomes/diagnosis)

The only pain I have is an aching and sometimes burning pain in my shoulder of the affected side (left)

Good luck to you for tomorrow! Xx

Hi Lizp85

Thinking of you today, hope you got some answers at your appointment.

Ive been told now I might not be seen until 13/12! I’ve sent a complaint today as that will be 9 days after I breach the 2 week cancer rule!


I’ve had my scan and needed a biopsy as they found a cyst but it’s hard and had no fuild so she’s took samples of the cells instead. 4 weeks I have too wait now for them results xx

Did they say a cyst? I didn’t think they would need to biopsy a cyst? That’s made me more scared haha

4 weeks seems like a long time for results too! Do you feel less anxious after today’s appointment at least? Xx


What was your results? I hope you got the all clear. I’m 28 waiting on my appointment this Thursday and absolutely freaking out, to the point I wake feeling sick everyday. So scared.