Waiting Clinic referral - should I cancel

I saw GP regarding a problem with my chest and rib just below left breast.  I have Emphasyma and was worried it may be first sign of another infection.  Because of location, GP wanted to do a full breast exam.  I have never had one before so after much resistance, I caved.  After exam, she said she is referring me for a chest x-ray as I expected, but then said she found a lump under my armpit and was referring me to breast clinic under the 2 week pathway.

I was shocked to say the least but unconvinced.  I spent hours last night trying to find said lump and honestly I cannot feel anything other than the odd lymph node.  I am very thin so I can feel many lymph nodes so this is not surprising.    I want to cancel my referral because I don’t want to waste their time when I honestly cant find anything of concern.  Should I just cancel?  I don’t want to be labelled a time waster when they are already under so much pressure.  Has anyone else had a similar experience? 

Always best to get everything checked out, you are not a time waster it will give you peace of mind and if it is bc, then catching it early will give you best chance of survival please do let us know how things go, do ring number on hear and speak to a nurse too, they will discuss things in more detail with you, what is likely to happen at referral, so you can ask your team more questions at appointment :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx