Waiting for appointment to start Rads

Hi, I was diagnosed in January following a routine mammogram and have now had 2 lumpectomies. Saw my Oncologist yesterday and am now waiting for an appointment to commence 15 sessions of Rads. I feel quite lucky that they have successfully removed all of the 2 tumours and I have no cancerous cells in the lymphnodes. To celebrate our better than hoped for news, my partner has booked a holiday for 2nd June to Greece. I was told yesterday that I will need to keep completely out of the sun, which is a real pain. Having read all the literature I was under the impression that using factor 30 sunscreen on the area would be sufficient. Has anyone any experience of being in the sun following Rads?

hi kaiden,

i was told that i would have to cover the treated area in total sunblock - but the rest of me would be ok with a 15+ factor.

have a great holiday :slight_smile:

gill x

I was also told to use factor 50 on the treated area last summer… i was able to get some factor 50 on prescription from my gp…

Theresa x