Waiting for appointment

Waiting for appointment

Waiting for appointment Hi I am 33 and this is a first for me. But I found your discussion and support so helpful when unable to sleep last night.

I found a hard lump in my right breast earlier on in the week and went to the GP yesterday. Within minutes she said yes she could feel the lump and described it as a substantial thickening that needed to be checked out. She has referred me to the Breast clinic for triple test and said I should call them if I haven’t heard from them in 4wks and said not to worry as it is may be nothing to worry about.
My mind has been all over the place since yesterday, “don’t worry”- well I am. I am ususally such a calm person and my job requires thisin me as I deal with others emergencies and crisises every day of the week. But this time it is me!
I have regularly checked by breasts since having 2 friends some 4yrs ago diagnosed with BC and my breast feels different.

I am a rational being but it seems as though it is going to be several weeks wait thinking all kinds of thoughts. I thought women were meant to be seen earlier than this?
Is there anything else I should be doing

Pester the docs! Hi Victoria,

sorry you have had to find yourself on this site. I am 34 and like you am still a relative newcomer to this site as I’ve only been using it since March.

I think you absolutely need to go back to your GP and insist they get you an appt at the breast clinic asap! I could be wrong but I am quite sure the government guidelines are that every woman must be seen by a specialist within 2-3 weeks of initial appt at GP’s surgery. Although there does seem to be a bit of a postcode lottery going on! To suggest that you may be waiting up to 4 weeks though is totally unacceptable!

I had an appt with the nurse at my Dr’s surgery, she then got me to see the Doc 3 days later. I was then referred to the hospital immediately and had an appt the following monday. All told it was no more than a week and a half before I went to the hospital for mammogram, US and biopsies. I don’t mind telling you that during the wait, although it was relatively short, I went out of my mind with worry. I kept crying all the time as I was scared what they may find. I only confided in my boyfriend and my mum as I didn’t want to worry everyone else unnecessarily.

Many lumps turn out to be cysts and non-malignant. Unfortunately for me the news was not so good and I was diagnosed with bc (worse luck!!). However, I was grateful I had been seen pomptly so that treatment could be started immediately.

My heart goes out to you during this very difficult time. The waiting is just unbearable, and the night times were the worst for me. I don’t wish to sound alarmist or worry you but I do think you should pester anyone and everyone to get your clinic appt asap. All being well it will turn out to be nothing, but if its not then at least you will know what you are dealing with and let them start making you better,

Take care,

Love Kelly

Thanks Hi Kelly

Thank you so much for replying. I really do appreciate your response. I have just contacted the clinic, and they informed me that they hope to arrange an appointment within 2 weeks, so lets hope so.
It is good to hear that others experience such anxiety during this time, as I felt as though I was loosing it!!!

I am sitting at work looking forward to seeing my husband and sons at 6pm but I’m not looking forward to a night of no sleep ahead like last night. I think I am that tired that I will sleep tonight. I just feel so strange as though this is a dream.
Hopefully all will be ok but that doesn’t seem to comfort me.

I have found typing my thoughts and sharing them with strangers that have felt like I do really helpful.

I am sorry to hear your result, how are things with you?

Love V x

Dear Victoria Welcome to the forums, I am sure you will continue to receive valuable support and information from your fellow users and I am pleased to read that you have found it helpful to share your thoughts.

In addition, please feel free to contact our freephone confidential helpline on 0808 800 6000 where you are able to speak to our helpliners who are either breast care nurses or have had experience of breast cancer and can offer you support, information and a ‘listening ear’ which may help you to find ways to manage the anxiety you are feeling at the moment.

The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

Kind regards
Forum Host
Breast Cancer Care

really feel for you victoria-no point saying dont worry-you will anyway.the fear is all encompassing and think the middle of the night was the worst time.Dont go on lots of websites as that will scare you more-if you have to then keep away from the usa ones as they ared different to ours and it gets confusing and more frightening.I say this from experience as my breast told me this so in the middle of the night l sat terrified searching the net and wished l hadnt.I am 3yrs since diagnosis and treatment and if your unlucky l promise there is light at the end.Also take comfort from the fact that you have got thing moving after finding the lump and thats important.thinking of you and sending hugs sharon x

Breast Cancer Care’s ‘Referral to a breast clinic’ factsheet Dear Victoria
You may also find it this factsheet published by Breast Cancer Care helpful to read as it contains information about what you can expect to happen at your appointment, you can read it via the following link:


Kind regards
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Breast Cancer Care

Hi Victoria2 Hi Victoria
I am so sorry to hear you have found a lump, but can assure you that now you are part of this family, everyone will be here supporting you, I feel that since I came onto this site the supoort I have received has been invaluable, the girls on here know exactly what you are going through, I was diagnosed with breast cancer on March the 20th, after having a routine mamagram, I was seen by my Consultant within four days, and had Biopsies, and ulrascan on the same day, with the results three days later, I also had a bone scan and chest xray within the folling week, I had a WLE on the 12th April, and am now waiting to start Radiotherapy, with my first visit to the clinic on May 14th, even though I have been seen very quickly, the waiting is horrible, and as you, I spent many sleepless nights, my GP prescribed a light sleeping tablet, for a short time, and I found this helpful, although I no longer take them, I hope you have a positive outcome, when you go to see the Consultant, keep in touch and let me know how you get on
thinking of you

Hi V! Hi V,

I’m not too bad ta, taking each day as it comes. Feel better now I know what I’m faced with and can start planning for a holiday once I reach the end of my treatment.

Had a bit of a wobble today as had time on my own and started thinking about all sorts! Starting chemo on May 14th and have begun stressing about it already. Anyway, posted a message on the undergoing treatment page and loads of lovely ladies have been in touch and already I feel better. Just gotta go with the flow and take it as it comes I reckon!

Best of luck to you with your appt. I’m very glad you are being seen within the next couple of weeks. I shall be thinking of you, hope it all goes well,

Take care and let us know how you get on as and when you get the chance. You know where we all are if you need anything else in the meantime,

Love Kelly

Thanks Sharon

I spoke to my husband at length tonight and he will be coming with me to my appointment as he now understands that I have never felt as frightened in my life as I do now. He knows I am usually such a strong person.
I feel a bit better now that I have shared some of my feelings with him and the response I have received from you all is priceless. I never thought that a forum like this would be so helpful and supportive.

I am avoiding the websites outside the UK but eBay is getting a tiresome distraction from my inability to sleep. But reading this forum and writing to you guys is definitely a positive use my time.

I am still feeling anxious but in the same note numb. I feel constantly nauseous (literally sick with worry)
I’m going to ring the GP tomorrow to check they have sent the referral.

You said it is 3yrs since diagnosis and treatment, how are things for you now? I hope you are well.

Thanks Sharon
V x

I saw your message on undergoing treatment, you seem to have got a lot of support during this awful time from other women who are going through treatment.

At least planning a holiday is something positive to work towards.
I share your feelings about the lovely women that offer support on this forum, I could not have believed how helpful it is to chat to others that have felt like this and gone through various outcomes.
My friend keeps saying don’t worry (but the phrase is wearing thin)

Thanks for you thoughts and taking time to write back. I will be thinking of you too. Please let me know how you get on.

I will let you know when my appointment is
Take Care
V x

Hi Heather

I looked at your message when I got home and it felt warming to read your words of support. I only posted my first message today and you have all been wonderful and so supportive in your responses.
Sleep is a bit of a problem but only a couple of nights so hopefully I will be so tired 2mo I will just drop off.

I am sorry to hear your bad news but glad to hear that you were seen quickly, and that you sound so positive.
Good luck for the 14th- will be thinking of you
Take Care
V x

When I found my ‘lump’ my doctor told me that I would be seen within 2 weeks as that was the government guidlines or something like that. I got a telephone call the day after and was seen the following week. 4 weeks is much too long. As alot of the ladies on this site wil agree the waiting and unknown are terrible. You will prpbably feel a lot better when you know what you are dealing with.I found the time before treatment started the hardest and wondered if I would ever cope but once it started I felt more in control. Good luck Love Eileen