Waiting for biopsy results after finding a 1.5cm lump ?

Terrified beyond belief!!! I found a lump in my right breast a month ago on my right inner lower quadrant, I went straight to the GP who refered me to hospital for tests, I had a mamagram & ultrasound which confirmed a hard dark mass, I was then told by ultrasound doctor that she was very concerned snd it looks very suspicious, I am waiting on the results on 12th June but I’m devastated already, My mother had the non hereditary breast cancer type about 11 years ago and has been clear of it so far, I’m 42 years old, married with a 9 year old son, If i have breast cancer i don’t know what I’ll do! ?

Hi tristana

sorry your worrying so much especially with a young one. Whatever the outcome your be surprised that you will cope, I have. I’m 49 and also have been where you are back in March and it is a frightening time. At least you haven’t ignored it and your in good hands and sounds very small. Come on here and ask whatever you like no matter how silly it may feel. We are all here together for you. vic xxxx

Hello, just to echo . . . you will be amazed what you can get your head round - but you need time to absorb/get over the shock of your discovery.  I remember it myself, and that double checking, triple checking, trying to convince ourselves that it’s not real, and maybe we dreamt it  -  and the shock of it still being there.  Fingers and paws crossed that all will be well, but you have been pro-active, and that’s great, and much better for you than spending days and weeks worrying?

You are having a bit of a wait, so maybe it might be worth a phone call to the Breast Clinic/Nurses to see if your results are back yet, and if there is an earlier appointment available.  I guess it depends on hospitals and areas. Waiting is just the worst, we know.  Come back and talk when you need to, don’t struggle with worry on your own. Wishing you the best outcome, hugs x