waiting for biopsy results - terrified


I’m 39 weeks pregnant and found a lump last week in my right breast. I was referred pretty quickly to a consultant and have had to have a “triple test”. It was a bit of a shock as I thought it was pregnancy related, but apparently not.

The doc took some fluid from the breast, but the ultrasound found 2 dense masses so I had to have a core biopsy and will get the results on Friday.

I’m absolutely terrified and all the excitement has gone out of having a baby.

The doctor did call me the same evening to say that the fluid from the needle was fine but to be 100% sure they need to get the core biopsy results. He said he didn’t think it was anything to worry about, but I’m really quite worried about what they might find.

having scoured the internet, of course I’m absolutely sure of the worst case scenario.

Any reassuring thoughts?

Sorry to hear that you have this worry when you should be enjoying the excitement of having a baby. I will say that 9 out of 10 breast lumps are nothing to worry about - but the waiting for results makes the worry much worse. The fluid results seem promising tho. Did they say how long it will be for the core biopsy results to come through?

Try not to look stuff up on the internet - as you have discovered it is way too easy to read far too much and scare yourself rigid.

fingers crossed for you that you get the all clear and you can enjoy the new baby when he/she arrives.

Love Lilac

Hello - I can only echo everything that Lilac has written. More likely than not this is just a horrid scare, coming at a really bad time for you. Only the results of the core biopsy can put your mind at rest though, and I do hope that the results come soon so that you can get on and enjoy your new baby without this dreadful worry hanging over you. Please let us know when you get the results, we are all here for you, hoping to hear good news, but promising to stand by you should you need our support. Whatever happens, you are about to be the mum of a new baby, and that is the most wonderful thing in the world. Enjoy! Love Sarah xx

thanks so much for the support - I’ve found reading many of the threads of other discussions very helpful as it seems so many people are in the same position and whatever the outcome there are people out there to talk to.

I go to the hospital tomorrow for the results, so crossing everything - including my legs so that the baby stays there a little longer

Thinking of you today dandush, although you’ll be nervous at least the awful waiting to find out is nearly over. So hoping that you will be spared being told you have breast cancer, but know you will get through this whatever. Will be looking here to see how you got on. Sarah x

Thinking of you today Dandush

Sinead x

All the best for today.
Magsi x

Hi all,

Thanks so much for your wishes - you don’t realize what a support this site has been over the last few days.

My results are back, and yippee!!! apparently I have 2 lactating adenomas which are nothing to worry about. The radiologist had said during the ultrasound that the lumps were nothing to do with my pregnancy which had really worried me, but thankfully all is well, and as the consultant said, they just want to be 100% sure.

He said that in 75% of the case they do go away, but if not, they will consider removing them as they’re 1.9cm and 1.2cm, so we’ll just have to see what happens.

At least now I can concentrate on the pregnancy as I’m due on Wednesday.

Will keep on the site and hopefully my story will allay a few fears of upcoming results.

thanks again - you’re all wonderful!!!

I am so thrilled - what a relief for you.
All the very best for Wednesday - do pop on the site when you can and let us know how the birth goes and what you have.

Magsi x

will do!

actually, I’ve been told it’s another boy (I have 2 already - one is nearly 4 and the other is 2, so have my hands full!)

fingers crossed all will be well!

thanks Magsi,


Am delighted to hear that your lumps are nothing sinister - good luck with the birth of your new baby, make sure you come back and let us know when baby arrives.

What fantastic news, I am so relieved and thrilled for you. Now you can get back to all the excitement of welcoming your new son into the world! Please do “pop in” and let us know how the birth goes. Glad that we could help a tiny bit over this worrying time. Enjoy! Sarah x

Boys are best!
I have two who who are just over two years apart but now 21 and almost 19, you will certainly have your hands full.
I teach in a nursery class and love working with the 3-4 year olds - hard work but fun.
Magsi x