Waiting for biopsy results

Hi all, I’m 42 years old and I went to my GP surgery with a small lump and last week attended the breast clinic. During the ultrasound they saw that the lump I found was nothing of concern but did find two lesions behind my right nipple which they attempted to drain but where unable to so they did a core biopsy. They scanned my other breast and discovered a small cyst but were able to drain that one.

I saw the consultant afterwards and he did a thorough check and talked me through the results. He told me the the lesions were indeterminate but my lymph nodes feel good and if it were cancer it was very early and very treatable. The breast care nurse has rang this morning to say that I was discussed at the multidisciplinary meeting yesterday but my results were not back from.pathology so they’ll be discussed in the next Monday’s meeting and they will call me in the afternoon. I don’t really know why I’m posting other than to get it out to people who understand I guess.

Hi , welcome to the anxious waiting club ! Many of us have been there it’s horrible , wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could just tell you straight away what you are dealing with but that’s not how it works :frowning_face:
Hopefully the conclusion to your anxious waiting will be the all clear , if not there’s lots of support and advice here . Let us know how you get on . Jill x