waiting for biopsy results

Hi everyone, I was hoping that someone could advise me about my current situation,I’m 45 and last week my GP referred me to local breast clinic, as had a quite a large lumpy area at top of left breast. I was not overly alarmed as thought it was a cyst as have had one two years ago that was aspirated and completely benign on results. On thursday had mammogram and ultrasound, and was informed that my left breast had lots and lots of small cysts, but then revealed an area on my right breast that they decided to do a core biopsy on. I could clearly see what they were referring to, and tried not to get too worried about hearing the words calcification and very dense breast. I was then seen straight away by consultant who said it was a fibroadenoma and 99% benign and would I like the results in the post, which I agreed to as just felt very relieved. Have received a letter now for an appointment in two weeks time with same consultant that says breast surgery clinic, now cant help feeling worried and the 20th of october seems so far off many thanks in advance for any advice

Hi Lille,
Well done you for taking action and getting this checked out. Unfortunately I can’t answer your questions as this wasn’t my anything like my experience, but I am bumping your post back up the list in the hope someone will spot it who can help.

The waiting is the worst, and hopefully you will get a good result. In the meantime do call back with questions or concenrs or just to ‘dump’ stuff.


ok lets look at this logically. you had the test last thursday. and you get a letter today asking you to go in for an appointment. I could be wrong but i do not see how the consultant can have got the results back in time to get a letter out that quickly. I suspect that he may have offered to give the results by post but that the machinery of the breast clinic automatically swung into action and sent you a letter for a follow up appointment.

I dont honestly think that the letter could have been sent before your result came back, and the situation is just the same as before–99% benign… Why dont you ring the breast nurse up and ask why you have been given an appointment when you were offered the results by mail.

By the way calcification is normally found, and one reason they mention dense breasts is because its hard to see exactly what is going on if your breast is dense.

hello again,
many thanks for your replies and help.
I received a letter yesterday that explains that the consultant reconsidered his decision after I left that morning, and would now like to do a biopsy on the other breast too. So this explains the new appointment. Feel calmer now, as logically I had been telling myself that it was probably an automatic appointment,
thanks again and you all seem very lovely and supportive.