waiting for biopsy results

waiting for biopsy results

waiting for biopsy results Haven’t posted for a while as had a brilliant holiday and then into hospital for what turned out to be an open lung biopsy-CT scan showed very small nodules that my onc is sure is mets but chest physician thought it was worth doing biopsy. So I am now home, feeling very sore and sorry for myself as I wait for the results-the surgeon said his gut feeling is that I have lung mets, but obviously I will have to wait for the pathology results. I am not hopeful, but am finding it really hard dealling with familly who think we will be getitng good news, and am dreading having to tell them more bad news.

Anyway, it is a lovely day, so am going to hide the mountain of ironing and go an sit in the sun.


Glad to Hear from You Can’t tell you how many times I have been here looking for news - there is a post a few weeks ago from me to you.

So glad you had a great holiday…

How long do you have to wiat for the results - my fingers are well and truly crossed for you India.

for heatherlou Thanks for thinking of me Heather. I should get the biopsy results by Friday at the latest, so not too long to wait now.
I’m now feeling much better from surgery and occupying my days trying to find a wedding venue-I’ve been with my my partner nearly 10 years, andwant to celebrate it by finally getting married, but obviously want to to do it this year. So far 've got a dress and that’s it!

How are you feeling with the chemo? I’m getting no side effects from the Tamoxifen at the moment.

Thinking of you.

Hi India

Like Heather I have followed your posts and wondered where you had got to - glad you enjoyed your holiday and that you are getting over your latest op!

I know a little of your worry in that when they did routine CT scans after they found I had 4 lymph nodes involved, they found a 5mm nodule on my lung. My team has chosen to carry on regardless as they are sure that it is just incidental - I certainly hope so. It must be so very very worrying for you and I really will be thinking of you and praying and hoping that everything is okay.

Pauline x

Be Thinking of You… Hi India - this must have been a very long week and I really hope you have managed to maintain as normal a life a possible - particularly in the sleep department.

My thoughts are with you, my fingers and toes are crossed … I really know how today is for you…

Much love and heaps of electronic hugs…


results back The surgeon rang me yesterday to let me know that as everybody had suspected, I have got lung mets-which I already knew really. Was really down last night, but am better today, and have a third birthday party to organise, so plenty to keep me busy. I’m seeing my onc this p.m just to talk through options.

Thank you Heather and Pauline for all your support. Pauline I am in Liverpool as well, and haven’y found any local support particularly relevant to my situation at the moment-let me know how you’re getting on.

And if anybody knows how to make a castle birthday cake with minimal effort, can you let me know?

Much love,


I’m sorry to hear your news India.
Please take heart though there are lots of us here that have been posting on this particular forum for years.
Good Luck with the birthday cake…I’ve never attempted a castle! :slight_smile:

bake 2 square cakes[chocolate is good]
cut 1 into smaller sqares to makke battlements
use a tub of bought choc butter icig to stick it together and then cover whole thing with more icing and smooth it down
either pipe on door and arrow slits or cut them out of rolled out icing
use a thin bar of plain choc for drawbridge
I used strips of liquorice for chains
decorate with plastic knights some on horses for outside castle others on battlements[I had 1 for each guest]
in centre put a flagpole[straw] with a banner with childs name and age
put candles between crennelations[sp?]
Another way is to make a round cake and use choc swiss rolls for towers and mini rolls cut up for battlements
rest as above
Good luck with everything
You can of course order a castle cake from any good baker which is easiest of all!! lolVal

hello again India Hi India,
So sorry to hear your news, Im sure its still a shock even though you were expecting it. I was really hoping it was better news but so many people have told me that Liverpool is a good place to be in terms of treatment etc. Which you probably know being a palliative care nurse. My onc. is Miss O’Reilly who Ive found to be very accessible and amenable to discussing all different kinds of treatments, their pros and cons, etc. I hope your onc is as good, it may even be her.
My surgeon is Mr. Holcombe at Linda McCartney Breast Unit and my BCN is Jean, sorry cant remember her surname! Its this chemo, I am losing my mind!
Only support group Ive come across is the Lily Centre which is somewhere in Liverpool 5, but I havent got round to contacting them yet as seem to be coping okay so far in terms of chatting a bit on forums and such, but I think it would be nice to actually make contact with real as opposed to virtual people!
As Im local to you, any help or anything your need or a chat then please get in touch. Im a pretty positive person which is good I think (but I know this can grate on some people who are coping with BC). We’re all different I think and we cope in different ways.
Glad you seem to have lots of suggestions as to castle shaped birthday cakes! Ive never made my 7 year old a birthday cake and am now feeling decidedly guilty!!
Take care and enjoy the birthday party - I find keeping busy the best possible thing to do.
Pauline x

Yuk Was sooooo hoping this was not the case…but really glad to see some really useful support coming via this forum…

Was actually out with a friend last night - brain mets, bone mets and breast cancer back. Lives a completely normal life - still works, still lives life as near as possible to the full…like others on this forum, a complete inspiration to all and insight into how life can be with secondaries.

The making of the cake sounds like just what you needed today - a busy day with heaps of distraction and lots of lovely children around you…

Heaps of love and electronic hugs - I will follow your posts …


thanks Thanks for the cake ideas and for your support. I am ashamed to admit I actually ended up going to M and S and buying a cake, which was just as well, as my little boy was much too engrossed in his new mega lego set to get too excited about the cake!

Best wishes,