Waiting for biopsy results

Hi, I am waiting for biopsy results from last Thursday, following a referral from my GP and an ultrasound. The medical team at the breast clinic were very non-committal about what the lump I have may be, they mentioned it may be a fibroadenoma but they couldn’t be sure. I have managed to get myself completely worked up about it and convinced myself to expect bad news when I go for the results. My question is - would the doctor who performed the biopsy (not the consultant) say it may be a fibroadenoma if they suspected cancer? Or should I tell myself to calm down as they have told me not to worry. I can’t help thinking this may be a standard response to all patients they biopsy. I didn’t get a proper examination from the consultant as he was running 70 mins late and they sent me straight for the ultrasound and biopsy so when I came back downstairs from the tests he just spoke to me about the results appointment and didn’t even look at/examine me. I think i have made myself more worried as the 3 patients in front of me were discharged on the day. I would be grateful if someone could help me with this query.

If fibroadenoma has been mentioned, then that is likely what it is. Fibroadenomas are very distinct in appearance on ultra sound and the biopsy would have confirmed that it wasn’t a cyst if no fluid was able to aspirated. It is not a standard response, as that would open up all sorts of avenues. Unfortunately, we do have to put up with these consultants who can sometimes be very bland in their approach. At my clinic, the amount of people in there, is immense and just like any other human, they will get weary. If, the results come back as a fibroadenoma, then it is a benign pita tumour, that has clear defined margins, you will likely be told that they will keep an eye on it, depending on your age, as they are classed as a young woman’s lump.
Good luck.

Thank you for responding so quickly - your comment is of much comfort to me. Only 2 more days to wait.

No problem. Please be assured that if that’s what they think it is, then the liklihood of it being a fibroadenoma, is quite high, the biopsy is to confirm their findings, not because they think it is cancer and not telling you. Fibroadenomas can resemble Phyllodes Tumour which are very rare, can also be benign. Also for your case notes, for future screenings, it will be cited there for a clinical presentation. All in your best interests.
Let us know, what the results are, and certainly how you feel. A benign result is still a growth inside you, so you might still be worried.
Hope to read your results, Sian. Hugs to you