waiting for biopsy results

Hi everyone. I found a lump 24th may in the left breast. Went to my Dr who referred me to breast clinic. Dr felt it and said a cyst, phew ? but wanted me to have a mammogram and ultrasound. So got changed into my gown, had mammogram, then got called back in for further pictures as Dr had seen something on the right breast (the one without lump). Then went for ultrasound, lady said there was Loads of cysts in the right breast but was going over and over it loads. Went back into Dr and he said there was a change in my right breast, to this moment I don’t understand what he meant, I never asked any questions as was a bit in shock. He told me a needed a biopsy a stereotatic one which I needed to come back the next day for.
Went back had biopsy which for anyone going to have one it isn’t the worse, yes it hurts a little a uncomfortable but its not what is going threw your mind the day before you have one. Any how I had that done a week today and I’ve got to wait a further week before I go back for my results. My mind is thinking alsorts, its human nature to think the worse isn’t it??



hello and welcome.  You are so right, the mind at this time when you are awaiting results is the worst and you go into overdrive thinking the worst.  Keep in mind that the majority of lumps are found not to be cancerous and are benign breast conditions.


Let us know how you get on next week.


Helena xx

Thankyou ladybowler, its horrible the waiting game, and the things that run through your mind. Then in the next minute iam like “stop being silly of course your ok”. Because I didn’t asked a hundred and one questions it seems so much worse as I don’t fully understand what they done the biopsy on. I know they took 6 tissue samples and also left a metal clip inside my breast.

Thankyou Helena xx yes iam taking someone with me but I want to go in initially on my own have no idea why I just feel like I have to. Ive said if there’s any information to be given by the Dr ie good or bad news I will call for them to come in.
Google is horrendous so much information at your fingertips but its so so hard not to.
I just think I was in a foggy cloud when I went to other appointments as I cant remember everything that was said and that’s getting me down. Ive phoned the hospital and spoke to a breast nure and also consultants secretary but neither of them could discuss previous appointments so iam left still in the unknown. Iam feeling very down in the dumps esp today don’t now if hormones are adding to it all as well. As iam under gyny nurse as I may be going through the change…
Also has anyone ever had very high estrogen levels? In April mine were 2100 but may were 9600. April was the first time id ever had tis checked and wondering if how long may levels had been that high for?
Ive read and heard that very high estrogen is associated with breast cancer has anyone else heard this ? X

Big hug is much appreciated it ?
Completely understand them not being able to tell me anything think I was just clutching at straws.
Thankyou again for your kind words.
Sending a hug right back to you x

Hope you enjoyed bowling last night Helena ?. Was feeling positive today trying to put it to the back of my mind. Then gets a letter from hospital cancelling my appointment due to unforseen circumstances until the following day ? could cry. I know its only a extra day and I know it cant be helped. X

Well Done ? to you all ? x x x x

Hi on looking at my letter for change of appointment I noticed that the name of clinic has been changed… It was originally joint breast clinic now its changed to familyhistory/young patient. Does anyone know what both of these clinics are? Thankyou in advance x

Thankyou Helena always there to reasure me much appreciated xxx