Waiting for breast clinic app and worried

Hi ,

Never used forum’s before so I hope you can help me. Everyone seems so lovely on here.

I’ve had pain in my left breast and arm for about 5 weeks, I initially ignored it thinking it was period or gym related. It continued but couldnt feel any lump.

I went to my gp last Thursday who saw no visible concerns but felt a small ‘cyst’ less than a cm she said. She’s referred me to Breast Clinic and I have an appointment on Tuesday for a scan I think. She said she thinks it’s unlikely to be anything untoward but I’m scared out of my wits end.

The pain has been worse than ever this week, but I’ve had my period again and it seems to be a lot worse this time of month. Felt like stabbing pains in my arm pit and crushing feeling inside my arm and breast has been sore. Has anyone else got experience of this? 

Looking forward to hearing from anone that can help,

Lisa xx

Hi Lisa


You’ve come to the right place and hopefully someone with your experience will answer you. Although I always suffered excruciating breast pain in the build-up to my period, I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort when I was diagnosed with breast cancer - didn’t even have a lump I could feel. I just wanted to tell you that most lumps are not breast cancer and pain isn’t a common symptom of breast cancer tumours. However, that won’t do much to ease your fears now that are at this level.


You did the sensible thing and saw your GP who said there were no visible concerns. That’s good because they do know what they are feeling for. As a precaution she’s referred you for a scan. If it is the Breast Imagery Department, it might be a mammogram or it might be ultrasound, both of which are simple if a bit uncomfortable. If there is any concern, they may aspirate your cyst (the thought of which is much more scary than the actual experience) to check it in histology. However, remember you GP arranged the scan as an added precaution - always wise.


Fortunately you only have to wait till Tuesday but try to keep those anxiety levels down. Use any strategy that works for you - meditation, mindfulness, YouTube hypnotherapy videos, a good run… and please keep away from Google. Looking up what it might be (if you haven’t ready done it) will scare the wits out of you - Google can’t make allowances for your particular symptoms, let alone your emotions, it oversimplifies and generalises, is often decades out of date or is way to specialised for lay people like us. Ring the nurses here on Monday - they are very helpful and may reassure you.


Meantime, remember pain is always worse when we focus on it. There are good hypnosis videos on managing pain - you might want to plug into one of those. They got me through my bc treatment so I guess I’m recommending them (I liked Progressive Hypnosis and Michael Sealey best). I hope all goes well Tuesday and, with luck, you get immediate reassurance. Take care of yourself.


Jan x