Waiting for Breast Clinic appointment

I found a lump in my breast on 31st October, saw the doctor on the same day who referred me for an emergency breast clinic appointment.
My appointment isn’t until Monday, exactly 14 days after my initial appointment, I am sick with worry! I’m normally the most level headed person who very rarely stresses but this has knocked me for 6!
I have this really horrible gut feeling that it’s going to be the worst possible news, cannot shake it!
Kelly x

hi kelly,
waiting for appointments is the worst, but you will get through it. Inevitably, the anxiety means we can think the worst, but mostly all turns but to be well. Even if it is more serious, thankfully you’re in the right place to get it sorted & bc is very treatable, as so many of us now realise who’ve been through it.
let us know what happens
ann x

Hi Ann,
Thank you for your response. I keep telling myself all will be fine and that there’s only the tiniest chance of it being anything horrible but the overriding sense of fear keeps taking over.
This forum has been a fab find as I can see that it’s normal to feel like this, at one point I thought I was going insane!
I hope that you are well. Thank you again, I will let you know on Monday x

Thanks Irina. Will be thinking of you on Thursday xx

Thank you Strudel! It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks hasn’t it!!
My appointment is at 9.40am. I feel a bit like you too if I’m honest, don’t actually want to go now :frowning:
Please let me know how you get on, wishing you all the luck in the world too xxx

Will be thinking of you too! Good luck xxx

Thank you xxx

How did your appointment go Irina? I had a mammogram, scan and a core needle biopsy so have to wait another 2 weeks for my results ?Xx

Sorry Irina got mixed up between yours and strudels appointments!
Strudel how did it go?
They said that they had to do a core biopsy as it wasn’t a fluid filled lump, it was a solid lump. Luckily the scan and mammogram showed that the only area of concern was the lump, so even worse case scenario it should be adult treatable.

The people at the breast clinic were amazing, very supportive and caring. The nurse even held my hand when they did the biopsy as I got a little upset.

Good luck for Thursday Irina xx

Very treatablenit adult ?X