Waiting for chemotherapy

Hi, I’m Sam. I was diagnosed on the 20th November 2018 as triple positive stage 3 breast cancer. I’m 40 and have twins (boy and girl) aged 13. I am 19 days post op from a wide local excision and lymph node biopsy. My nodes were clear and also my margins which is great news. I’ve been told by my surgeon that I will need chemotherapy, herceptin for the year, radiotherapy and tamoxifen for 10 years. At the moment I’m still waiting to see my oncologist and been told that my appointment is on 9th January. This is almost 6 weeks post op. Otherwise I’m healing well, I’m fit, still exercising. As my initial appointment is so late this waiting is making me anxious as I’m keen to start the gruelling treatment so that it can end sooner. The waiting is hard. How long approximately do people usually have to wait before starting chemotherapy?

I’d really appreciate any advice. Thank you x

Hi Sam,welcome to the forum .Great that you have had good news post op - very positive - waiting for treatment to start is hard - like you say you just want to get on with it ,but try and enjoy the fact you have have had good feedback from you op that you are now cancer free and and that any further treatment is preventative.Enjoy Christmas ,get lots of rest and good food and prepare yourself .Join the January monthly chemo thread and you will get lots of support and advice from ladies going through treatment at the same time .Best wishes Jill.


Hi Ellajay
I’m the opposit to you tripple negative , I had surgery 10th sept and my chemo started 29th Oct so was about six weeks
Try not to worry to much about the timeline as the team will know what there doing , try and enjoy Christmas as much as possible and prepare your body for chemo
My advice drinking lots of water ?
The chemo monthly threads are a great place for advice and generally to just talk to people who are going through exactly the same x

enjoy Christmas! I was expecting to have to wait til after New Year to start my chemo, then they gave me an earlier date and I had the first dose yesterday. Not sure I will make it out for Christmas lunch at a restaurant as planned :frowning:

But I totally sympathise with the just wanting to get on with it.

Hi Kateday. Sorry to jump on this thread, I just wanted to ask you. My mom got diagnosed as triple negative breast cancer on 14th December. She is going to have chemo first then surgery. How soon did your treatment start? She’s still waiting for dates and has spoke to oncology who think that it will be in the new year? It feels like a long time to wait but not sure if it this is normal? Thank you x

Hi snowy
Well I had surgery first as my HR2 took a long time so I was diagnosed 8th August had surgery 10 sept and my chemo started 29 October
From what I can gather it is a few weeks between diagnosis and treatment as they normally await all test to come back
I had mri biopsy and two biopsy on my lymph nodes

Everything feels such a long time and each hospital does things a little different I had to wait a mo th for my results after surgery where others have waited just under two weeks
The waiting is the hardest part mentally just not knowing and the worry that it feels nothing is being done to stop it growing or remove it
But hopefully they will have a plan for your mum very soon
Sending you all a huge hug and hoping you all have got to enjoy some of today xxx

Thank you Kateday. I’ve had a date now, 15th January. At least I can plan and prepare myself now. Great tip about hydration, I heard from other feeds that it helps a lot. Happy New year to you. Sending warm wishes. X

Thanks Jill. Warmest wishes. X