Waiting for core biopsy results


Hi everyone.


I had a core biopsy on left breast on Thursday after a first mammogram ,the doc said he saw a suspitios 

area and on scanning said he felt sure he was looking at a small cancer.

I have to go back on Wednesday for the results …I hope so much he is wrong but now my mind is 

working overtime and I’m convinced the cancer has spread, the doc said its a tiny area and my thumb

would completely cover it. 

I wonder if theres a chance the doc could be wrong ,It’s awful to see so many others going through the same thing …does anyone take medication to calm them down? I am thinking of seeing the doctor for this!


Bless you all


hi…oh this is exactly the situation I was in back in August! Mammogram, then told suspicious area… Needle tests and ultra sound. Waited again, told core biopsy! Had that, prayed they’d got it wrong! Two week wait for results, now had phone call to say I have to wait again for appointment to have an MRI scan to see if there’s anything deeper going on…BC nurse told me have grade 2 lobular cancer, size 26mm but they think something else may be reason of dimpling/creasing… Waiting is horrendous!!! I know exactly how you’re feeling… Sending hugs ad I’ve received some great support from others on here. Xxx