Waiting for diagnosis - help


I had a lump checked yesterday and after a mammogram and ultrasound they told me that they were very worried about it and took a core needle biopsy. They seem pretty sure that it will be cancer. I am in shock as I wasn’t even that concerned.

I have to wait until next Thursday to meet with the surgical team for the biopsy results.

The breast care nurse, seemed to reaffirm that it was unlikely to come back negative. How do they know this?

Can anyone is a similar situation give any advice and help me as to what to do for the next “limbo” week.


Josie xxx

Hello JosieJo75

Welcome to the forums, this must be a very worrying time for you, I’m sure the users of the site will be along to support you soon.

Maybe you would like to talk things through with a member of our helpline staff who are there to offer emotional support as well as practical information.
The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 9.00 to 2.00.

Best wishes
June, moderator

Hi JosieJo
Sorry you have had to post. to be honest I think they try to softly warn you if they are at all concerned, when I went for all the tests mamo, biop etc, the consultant told me he thought it was early stage bc so I no how you feel as i had to wait a week for it to be confirmed, I had preety much convinced myself it was anyway to lull the blow, Unfortunately mine was BC and im now post op and awaiting to start chemo… Try to keep as busy as poss over the next week, but if you want to cry, cry dont try and hold it all in this is really a hard time for you so dont be hard on yourself, waiting for results is sooo hard its almost a relief once you know whats wrong I no that sounds crazy but the waiting is the pits… good luck i will keep my fingers x for you and let us know how you get on, and remember he may be wrong , but if hes not you will get through it us girls are made of strong stuff


Janice x

Thank you Janice.

They seem very sure, so I am trying to get my head around it to prepare myself. As they see it everyday, I have no doubt they know what they are doing and that they would not have worried me without reason.

It’s just mad, I can’t believe I am even having to write on a forum like this.

Thank you for replying and any further advice from you or anyone in a similar situation would be very gratefully received xx

I was the same - kept saying before appt - “i know it’s most likely nothing” - had same reaction from team when had mammogram, us and biopsies as you - i still remember the look in the consultant’s eyes that showed he really felt it was BC - and it was

The waiting was the worst - kept trying to imagine how i would feel when he said - it’s BC - by the time he gave me the news i had mentally adjusted to the idea

Now - post surgery, over halfway through chemo - hasn’t been bad really - not as bad as the waiting!!

Really hope they are wrong for you!!

Marina xx

Hi JosieJo,

So sorry you’ve had to join the forum - but hopefully you will find it a helpful and supportive place. Waiting for the results is the pits. Long story - but I was told mine wasn’t cancer but after months of different antibiotics I begged for a biopsy whoosh my surgeon agreed to just to put my mind at ease so I was pretty confident (although still with a niggle of worry) when I went for my results…only to be told I had cancer. So mistakes can be made! I can’t help with preparing yourself if the team have told you to prepare yourself for bad news as mine was the opposite. Just keep yourself busy until results day. IF it is bad news then once you know the full pathology and treatment plan you will regain control and feel better. Remember that the majority of women with breast cancer are cured.

Sending big hugs and hoping for good news for you.


Hi JosieJo,

i was in the same position as you in December. When thye did my biopsy they said they thought it was cancer, and it was.

So what would I recommend now:

Think about what questions you will want to ask if they confirm it. Perhaps what treatment will they recommend? How long will you be in hospital? How much do you want to know about the turmout itself, important things are how big it is, what grade it is and whether it is hormone positive. These all make a difference to the treatment you will have. There are leaflets on this site which can explain all the terms they use. That is a very personal thing, some people want to know as much as possible, others prefer to know only a little.

See if you can take someone to the appointment with you as another pair of ears, and possibly to write things down. They can also remind you of any questions you have. It is very hard to take in all of the information sometimes.

A don’t…Google! As with everything there is lots of outdated and incorrect information out there and you will scare yourself silly. Best to stick to asking questions on sites such as this, or cancer research.

I won’t tell you to try not to worry, because that would take super human powers. But there are lots of us here on this site who have faced what you are facing, and can help you through whatever news you get. I have been amazed by the support and information available here (pretty much 24hrs a day) which helps with everything from the big issues, right down to silly niggly things.


Thank you so much for all of your comments.

I’m trying to keep busy and my family and friends are being amazing. I’m pretty sure that it will be positive and I’m most worried about the type and whether I caught it early enough.

I don’t like to wish time away, but I just want to know what I am dealing with.

Thanks again ladies x

Feeling very worried and alone this evening. The waiting is so hard. x

You’re not alone Josie, many people are around to support you on here and don’t hesitate to turn to your family and friends, you would do the same for them.

Jayne xx

Thank you Jayne.

I’m just waiting for Thursday and am finding it hard to concentrate on the day to day stuff in between. My Dad, boyfriend and brother are being amazing, but I know that they are very scared. It’s so nice to talk to some ladies. My Mum is on holiday in Oz and we aren’t that close, so I am relying on my lovely boys.

Thank you all for your kind words xx

Hi Josie

Hope I’ve got the day right (I’m new to this site). Good luck1

Please let us know.

Blobby (Cait)