Waiting for first appointment

I’ve been referred to the Breast Clinic and hope I will get an appointment at the beginning of next week.  I’ve got a spongy lumpy area with a small round lump on the very lower edge of my right breast.  My boobs aren’t very big at all, I have a very boney ribcage and sides, but I do work out quite a lot and so muscles are well defined.

I’m 56, went through the menopause at 51 and apart from having a coil for about a year, haven’t used birth control or HRT, have no family history of breast cancer.  I am terribly worried and haven’t helped myself by incessant googling about what this could be.  I do realise I shouldn’t be doing this.  Despite my age, could this still be non-cancerous? I know nobody has a crystal ball, I just have to wait in the most controlled way I can (which isn’t very brave most of the time) and go through the processes of diagnosis as so very many people have to do.  I just wanted to write my worries down in the hope it would help me deal with this in a better way and would be grateful for any wise words anyone can offer.

Hi and welcome to the forum

Waiting for appointments is terrible.  I’m just out the other side having been given the all clear.  All I can advise is to try and keep busy.  Maybe download an app like duolingo or a game to your phone so if you’re tempted to Google you’ve something to distract you.  I looked up research for a friend’s assignment to keep me off it as much as possible. 

90% of lumps are non cancerous.  Try not to Google and try not to worry (I know easier said than done). 

I’m not post menopause (I’m 40) but my lump turned out to be a cyst even though it was an unusual shape and they found a cyst in the other breast which I hadn’t felt and even though the aspirate was different, it was almost a normal cyst.

Hope you’re seen quickly! Let us know if you have any questions and good luck! 

Hello As Ariom has said the wait for an appt is I think the worst part - we all let our thoughts run amok.  I had a small cyst a few months ago and since I’m 66 I was sure it wouldn’t be benign - thankfully it was. I couldn’t wait for my appt to come through and at the same time I was terrified when it did come through. As everyone on here will tell you stay away from dr google it will just scare and confuse you at the same time. Any questions or fears you have just ask the kind ladies on here and they will help you through it.  Don’t worry too much about being brave and let others (family and friends) do all they can to support you. Sending you a hug and best wishes.

Hi Bonbon,

As Arion says there are many causes of lumps and a lot of lumps are benign, such as cysts. This page of the breast cancer now site lists a number of causes of benign breast lumps - as you’ll see from a quick look there are lots of causes of benign lumps:


While you are waiting for the referral and results try to distract yourself with anything which works for you, a nice walk, watching and listening to nature/birds etc, talking to friends, cooking, watching a distracting film…anything which works for you (and isn’t breaking lockdown!). 

Please don’t beat yourself up about having moments where you don’t feel brave…it’s natural to feel a bit unsettled and worried, so just be kind to yourself, confide in a friend (preferably someone who is quite calm) and distract yourself.

XXX Seabreeze (6 years on, diagnosed in 40’s, doing well, just giving back to the forum community which I found so helpful all those years ago)