Waiting for lumpectomy results

Hi all, I had a lumpectomy & slnb 3 weeks ago and post op appointment this Wednesday. I seemed to be recovering well physically from the operation but now I am this close to the results I feel like I just want to hide in my bed until Wednesday and to put everything on hold until then. I have invasive DC and have already been told I will have 5 days of radiotherapy and hormone tablets for 5-10 years but don’t know about chemo yet. Just wondered how people got through these final days before results
Thank you


Hi there, there are no easy days in the run up to test results. I try to keep busy, and I have been very open about my anxiety levels in the run up to these appointments. Exercise and walking helped me, and don’t laugh, but jigsaws, lego building! and podcasts have helped keep my brain distracted. I had 3 small HER2- ER+ tumours removed on the 10th October, and got confirmation last week, i will have 8 cycles of chemo, starting the end of the month. Its a lot to process, but you will get there. Each appt is overwhelming, but within a few days i find myself more rational and pragmatic. I recommend taking each appt at a time, no use second guessing what might happen, our results are unique to us. best wishes.


Hi there. I am in a similar boat. Had my lumpectomy and SNB on 31st and appointment for results is this Thurs. Been warned 50/50 they might not be back then but they will be the week after if not.

I also have been told definitely radiotherapy and hormone treatment but chemo is dependent on results. As it is only a week tomorrow since my op, I am still focused on recovery more than anything but the nerves have started to build a little. Trying to keep distracted by going for little (and very slow!) walks, listening to cheery music and lots of camomile tea :grin:

What has helped me most is trying my best to accept that by having the op, we have done a really good positive thing to evict this unwanted imposter. Best case scenario, neither of us has cancer anymore! We can’t control the results but we are doing what we can and we will do what is needed next. One day at a time. Big hugs and really hope you get the best possible outcome on Weds xxxx


Jigsaws and Lego sounds amazing :kissing_heart:

I am trying not to worry too much if I have to have chemo. More bothered about hair loss than anything which sounds very vain. I am not that upset about physically not having hair as I know it will come back, there is a chance of not losing it all too…it is just the visible sign to the outside world of what is going on. That is the bit I don’t want to deal with. I have only told a small number of friends and family what is going on as has been easier to deal with most people treating me normally- although to be fair if anyone has seen me walking round near my house last couple of days they will think I have aged 50 years with my snail pace :rofl:

Good luck with it all xxx

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I agree 100%, the last few days i’ve struggled as i have to collect my wig prescription on wednesday, and i just feel so sad about it. However, its short lived, i plan to have my kids shave my head, and i honestly think once it’s done i will feel a wait off, i know within months it will grow back. Like you, i dont want that pity party, plus it will be winter and i can rock a few bobble hats. good luck. its nice to speak to others going through the same x


Winter is definitely the best time to go through this :kissing_heart:

Might be in touch re what has worked for you down the track if I need to chemo too. Did you sort the wig through your nursing team?

I have still got hair clippers in the house that I butchered my boys with during lockdown so maybe them getting their revenge might bring some light relief :grin:

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I am based in Edinburgh, and there are evidently 2 places that offer coordinated support with wigs on the NHS, going to explore the option. The breast nurse organises the prescription. A friend who has been through the same did recommend a soft silk cap for wearing at night, as your head gets very cold when sleeping. Clippers at the ready! Good luck, you may not end up down this route anyway xxx

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Thank you. I’ve had to wait one day short of four weeks for my results, had to wait two weeks for the dressings to be removed too. Recovery from the operation has been okay and I’ve got full movement in my arm which I’m grateful for, I’ll never dis exercises again lol. Hope you get the positive results you want on Thursday, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Sending hugs

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Hi. I had my lympectomy in June this year.
I had 28mm mass removed with other pre cancerous cells (15 mm, 3mm, and 16mm )removed to. 0/8 LNs, ER8 PR8 ,HER2neg.
Anyway I had to have have 5 sessions of radiotherapy and have been out on TAMOXIFEN for 5-10 years. I know it’s a worry and believe me I did. But just try and keep busy. Hoping for good results for you. Xx

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I had one lump removed which were her- and pr+, it’s just seems to take ages to get the results. I’ve not been to bad up till today, also been doing jigsaws and diamond painting to keep me distracted. The dog hid under the puzzle board last night on my feet hiding from the fireworks. Hope your treatment goes well and let us know how you are doing. I find it helpful to be in touch with people on here, who understand exactly where you’re coming from. Good luck with the wig fitting also :hugs::hugs:

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That does seem a long wait you poor thing. The waiting is definitely the worst part! Not long now though. Really hope it goes well and comes around quick! Xxx

I completely empathise. Because it was lockdown 2020/21, and Christmas then New Year, I had to wait 6 weeks to see oncologist re chemo. I am normally optimistic but I was so anxious that I asked my GP for help. I didn’t want to take tranquilisers so he prescribed beta blockers, which helped a lot. It was Stage 2 lobular with spread to one sentinel node. The oncologist was great - chemo would give only small benefit and as it was highly oestrogen positive Anastrozole would work well for me. Do as much research as you can or can cope with - every diagnosis is different and I found it helped me to understand my own results. Good luck! :hugs:

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Thanks for your reply, I’m trying to not do too much research until I know exactly what I’m dealing with. Just taking it each stage at a time, but the waiting is so hard. Only 24hours to go xx

Really hope you got some positive news today. Xxx


Thank you, it wasn’t the results I was hoping for. Lump removed cleanly but the two nodes that were removed both have cancer in them so got to go back in two weeks for the rest of the modes to be removed then another 4 week wait for those results :smiling_face_with_tear:

Bless you. Great that they got the main bit out. I am so sorry about the nodes though. I hope they can get you back in as quickly as possible and minimise the waiting around. Sending you lots of love and luck. T
A friend who has survived cancer twice described this as a rollercoaster and I guess they were right! You are doing all you can so keep going. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: xxx

Thank you. Will be thinking of you tomorrow and hope you get good results :hugs::hugs:xx

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Hi. I was diagnosed on 31st october and having surgery 29th november. I am also going to be waiting then for a decision on chemo. I understand the awful feelings of the waiting. I know after surgery i have to have radiotherapy and hormonal treatment for 5 years minimum too. Ive tried to just keep going and being normal but its not easy is it? Im hoping i will have my results before chriatmas and then if chemo is needed that will be in the new year.